If you could have one color birkin?

My work colleague now just went to a meeting and she left me her 35cm gold togo Birkin here in my office. This color is really growing on me now! Also today at the "tram" I saw a woman with the same Birkin. I think it's trying to tell me something!
La Van , I highly recomend Gold !! MY first Kelly was Courchevel gold and so was my first Birkin !?! It might sound boring to some, but it's my all time favourite H color. After that I went on to black, Rouge H and browns..!!;) :biggrin: After I get my Ebene, I will go on to brighter colors ... I thought I would be through with H bags after having all the basic colors, but NO..

I think with me it will be a "never ending story"...:lol: :lol:
gigi leung said:
YAY!!!!!!!! That's TERRIFIC!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Congratulations Ivette!!! This is definitely serendipity in the making! The BJ Birkin is meant to be for you! :smile:

Your hubby is so sweet! Please post pics for us when you get the bag on Friday!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

Thanks, gigi, I'll post as soon as I get it. Thanks again. Very excited!:love:
Ivette said:
Yes, gigi, thanks mostly to you! :blink: But this is the most exciting part: On Friday, I will be getting a BJ 35 birkin by fedex. My SA said that one had come into the store, and the woman whose name was on the waitlist, declined (for whatever reason) so if I wanted it I could have it (apparently the BJ waitlist at this particular Hermes store is tiny! hint..hint :idea: ). Of course, I jumped with joy and said yes, of course!
Freaky, bc all I called for was to have her put my name on the list for two birkin options (35 Potiron or classic orange) and here I'm getting a BJ in two days! My bd is coming up soon (May) so my husband said I could have it for my birthday. He then said, "Happy Birthday, honey". He's so wonderful. I really have the best one, you know. :love: I'm sooooo excited as I've never even seen BJ except on this forum. Really excited, almost nervous. Probably won't sleep tomorrow night.;)

They're shipping it to you? That's great! Which Hermes?
Gold or Black 30!! I just put my name on the wish list at Hermes store but it is a long list! My SA said it could one year or more waiting!!!:sad:

Hopefully soooner!!:biggrin: