If you could have one color birkin?

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  1. If you could have one color birkin what would it be? (no leathers just color)
  2. Potirin. :love:
  3. I have a rouge birkin - but I'm dying for a Thalassa one *sigh*:cry:
  4. Gold
  5. fuschia :love:
  6. one of the blues in ostrich!
  7. Violet
    Rouge or
  8. uummmm....gold....or choco or blue jean...
  9. Hi Mon ;)

    I am dying for a raisin box birkin with palladium hardware in the 30 cm size! There you go, my dream birkin :amuse:
    After my thalassa box birkin, I am just head over heels in love with box leather, and want a raisin one soooo bad!
  10. I love blue jean, also.:love:
  11. :love: :love: :love: Blue Jean:love: :love: :love:
  12. Do any of you girls know if they make the Ostrich in Blue Jean??? Eww,.. that would be so pretty
  13. ^^^ That would be amazing! I love Blue Jean and Choc Brown croc.
  14. Hands down, tangerine/mandarine/orange.
  15. Yes, i think hermes offers ostrich birkin in blue jean.
    It is Heavenly~~~~ :love: :love: