if you could have one black Hermes bag

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  1. what would it be? kelly, birkin, bolide..........what leather?
  2. black box kelly:drool::drool::drool:
  3. Black box Kelly

  4. i need/want a black bag...................trying to decide what to get on a list for.........(box leather makes me nervous:sweatdrop: )
  5. Black box birkin with GH.
  6. 30 or 35cm??
  7. Yes for me too:yes: Vintage definitely.
  8. why is that? can't go wrong with black! :smile:
  9. Box Calf Kelly 28, perhaps GH.
  10. Togo or Clemence 35cm Birkin or a Clemence Massai:winkiss:
  11. OMG - too easy. Black Boxcalf Kelly. Just like everyone else!! And, lucky for me, I have one!
  12. Black box Kelly 28 with PH
  13. Black Box Kelly 28 GH
  14. My 30cm swift birkin w/gold hdwe :yes:

    But I hope I won't EVER have to choose ONLY ONE black bag to have/keep:sad::sad:
  15. 30cm Birkin Epsom w PH