if you could have just one...

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  1. Been feeling exceedingly grateful for all the good things in life lately, especially with the economy in the tank. I have a few Hermes bags, and was pondering which I would choose if I could only have one.

    SO fellow tpfers, which COLOR and STYLE would you choose if you were able to have only one H bag to your name (and assuming it would be your ONLY bag)? Does not have to be one you already own.

    For me, I think the answer is already in my closet -
    SO KELLY (SO versatile!)

    (This is a cyber version of "shopping your closet" I suppose!)
  2. we are never very good at this kind of thing, tbestes.....:P

    But I'll start....
    I am going to say my barenia kelly 32.
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  3. It is an unpleasant thought, but we're just talking hypothetical here! :yes:
  4. pre-loved barenia toile birkin! which is on its way to me as soon as the east coast weather clears....
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  5. congratulations deloresmia! :yahoo:
  6. oops - typo - doloresmia! congrats!
  7. A most unpleasant thought...
    I'd have to say one of either:
    - 35 Birkin in black barenia and matte PH
    - 35 Birkin in black boxcalf with ruthenium
  8. Interesting. If it would be the only bag - that would have to be an everyday workhorse that would also have to go out to dressy occassion...I would pick a black Kelly.
  9. Birkin 25 in gold togo w/phw, or black box calf w/ghw.
  10. It would be the one I own.

    35cm rouge vif chevre birkin with PH.
  11. *sigh* if it was a life without rain, my chocolate box 32 HAC. If not, my orange clemence 35 Birkin.
  12. If money was no object right at this moment, a 35cm togo Birkin in one of the grey colors, with PHW.

    As money now stands for the next year, the larger Lindy in one of the greys, quite possibly etoupe.

    But at the moment, it's all just a fantasy. A lovely one, though.
  13. If money is no object, a 35 miel croc birkin.
  14. For sheer practicality, a 30 cm Birkin in raisin chevre. But the true HG would be one in matte rouge H porosus croc – doesn't even have to have diamonds!
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  15. For me its too hard a question to answer.:confused1::sweatdrop::shrugs::hrmm::wondering:faint: