if you could have just one chanel bag...what would it be??

  1. i'm a student and i have some tax refund money left over :graucho: it's enough for just one chanel bag...something i can dress up or dress down and can use for many many years. suggestions please? i'm still new to chanel :confused1:
  2. I'd personally go with the classic flap in black caviar, medium size. I don't carry alot of stuff though. It looks great out to a dressy dinner and also with jeans.
  3. classic flap...
  4. definitely a classic flap
  5. totally agree - the classic flap!!! :o)
  6. I pick 2.55, it's kind of more classic to me.
  7. I second this :p
  8. I'd go with the classic flab in black caviar or beige caviar. Medium size.

    Good luck with the searching !!
  9. What about the medium black new chain in lambskin or caviar? It's classy with a modern touch as well and it goes with every outfit all year round!:smile:
  10. I love the medium sized classic Chanel bags in caviar leather... it looks gorgeous with just about anything (save for maybe an evening gown haha), and you will be able to use it and love it for years and years! :smile: Black would be a nice color to get! :smile:
  11. Don't go for new chain, it's not classic and may not be widely accepted. Its appearance is not that sophisticate and its weight is so light that it slips off shoulder easily.
  12. Classic flap. Its so versatile. Maybe the black, but any other color would work too....its something you can carry forever.
  13. Black medium caviar leather flap- forever classic and can be dressed up or down!
  14. I'm a college student as well, And I dont like the classic flap, (sorry girls) Get the modern chain flap in black, its soft and squishy, not stiff. Its 1525.00, and its a great size. Look into it, and I think you'll love it too!
  15. black jumbo caviar flap