If You Could Have Dinner With Any Three People...

  1. I checked the board games subforum and didn't see a thread like this one. So here goes:

    If you could have any three people over for dinner and discussion, whether they are currently alive or not (this is a fantasy!), who would you choose?
  2. Albert Einstein, Jesus (im not religious), and Madonna.

    this was hard. :smile: if someone was unable to make it, i'd have Karl Lagerfeld take their place!
  3. I agree, it was hard for me, too...which is why I didn't answer my own question!

  4. oh shiz i didnt even notice!!!! :nuts: come on, give it a try!
  5. Stephen Hawking
    Nelson Mandela
    Bob Geldof
  6. Hmmmm...

    I know it's not fair but I'm still thinking. LOL.
  7. Marilyn Monroe because I want to know if she was a happy person. She strikes me as a woman who was lonely in life. That's just something that I see in her photos. She always had a sad look in her eyes.

    k.d. lang because she fascinates me. I want to hear her opinion on certain issues.

    Karl Lagerfeld because I think he'd be fun to be around. He would probably act like a diva and look down on all the unsophisticated choices in the menu. And I imagine he would keep waving his trademark fan around as if it were an extension of his hand.
  8. you know i always thought about the same thing! :smile: im glad im not the only one that noticed. WHEN YOU FIND OUT LET ME KNOW!!!! and you still have me laughing from the karl lagerfeld fan hand extension thing!! :lol:
  9. - Walter Cronkite
    -My friend Tracy who passed away when we were 17
    - Christopher Reeve
  10. I would probably want to invite the late singer Phyllis Hyman to dinner for the same reason.


    And I already thought, "I HAVE to invite Octavia Butler!" So I guess I would still have to come up with one more person...
  11. Hmmmmmm Ok:

    Steve Buscemi
    Amy Winehouse

  12. Wow this is hard. Can't I choose like 10 and make it a really cool dinner party?


    The Buddha - I have a lot of questions to ask about how to deepen my meditation..

    George Clooney - I'm sure I could find something to ask him ;)

    Barack Obama - I want to pick his brain.
  13. * Tony Romo (.... cause he is HOT)

    * David Beckham (.... cause he is even HOTTER)

    * Marc Jacobs (.... cause I would love to talk to the face behind Louis Vuitton)
  14. God, I love you ....

    My list is similiar to Selenas...

    Amy Winehouse as she is a wonderful talent, and Im level headed enough I would love to pick her brain, and with my Selena at table it would be the BEST.
    final wish...would be my father...

    Thats my 3!~
  15. That's hard! I don't think I could pick 3 overall- for fashion talk I'd pick Anna Wintour, Karl, and John Galliano (he always seems so outlandish and mischevious- I bet he'd be a hoot!). Though I love Andre Leon Talley as well and hope he'd pop by for desert :p

    As far as actors go I'd pick Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, and Audrey Hepburn.

    For political leaders I'd go with Louis XIV, Nelson Mandela, and Alexander the Great

    I'd also love to meet Ghandi, Gabrielle Chanel, Warren Buffet, Rupert Murdoch, and Alan Greenspan.

    (Sorry I couldn't pick just three but I figured your guests would have to get along, and really what is Ghandi going to talk about with Karl Lagerfeld? :p)