If you could have coffee with anyone on TPF...

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  1. Who would it be?

    I have soooooooooooo many but some of my top picks would be:

    -Danica (and our Chis of course!)
    -Syntagma (where the heck has she been anyway?!?!)

    and Megs and Vlad, of course!!

    OMG trying to name only a few people made me realize how many people there are on TPF that I :heart:!!!!

    Maybe one huge group coffee meet?!?!:roflmfao:
  2. OH and Shimmapuff of COURSE!!! Wickedassasin, Charles, Kristi...ugh I give up there are so many of you!!

    Stupid TPF and its awesome members!!!! ;)
  3. My girl razorbackbelle0, kallison, help!!slush (bessie), bubblelicious...
  4. Gosh I have lots:
    But if I can only name one it would be my very first friend here when I joined the PF and as of today is one of my very dear friends.........Jag.
  5. Only one? besides the lovely ladies i've already met in person at our meets, it would have to be shimmapuff because she is so darn funny :heart: thank you shimma for always making me LOL.
  6. I just joined a few minutes ago, but am sure there will be many. Looking forward to a board dedicated to purse junkies.
  7. ^welcome!!!
  8. I think I'd like to meet Twinkle.tink, I've met Syntagma at tPF meet in Houston she was delightful :smile: and I met John 5 there, I'd like to meet John 5 again for sure!

    Well maybe we'll have a tPF convention one day .. its bound to happen!
  9. ^twinkle and john seem like they would be soo fun 2 meet! :smile:

    looove the idea of the convention!!
  10. OOOO! Mas2388, Mlowran, Bessie Oh-Slush!, Luva Pug, Twink!, OhDonna, and Lord Guinny.

    These ladies have TONS of info and have helped me in so many different ways!!!!
  11. Well, we didn't have coffee-but, I got to meet help!!slush today-we live about 7 blocks from each other-LOL!

    Gee-this is a tough one-there are so many. OK-in no specific order:


    that list goes on.....................
  12. I'd be delighted to have coffee with superBag, ******, Twinkle.tink, StevieLover, boxermom, Tlloveshim, Mick and bubbliciousis :biggrin:
  13. ^ I have no clue why it came out like that...
  14. Fun thread!
    There are countless people I would love to have coffee with, a few that come to mind are (trust me there are a lot more, I enjoy every conversation I have on here)
    prada's meadow
    John 5
    shimma puff

    list goes on and on.....
  15. There are many ladies! I've had the pleasure of meeting one (bags4bubbles), but soon many more! Hopefully soon Jag and other MI ladies at the meet, although I won't "officially" be there :graucho:

    I'd love to drink margaritas with kallison, krispin41, twinkie, batgirl0711 and oh gosh! There are so many ladies here i'd love to shop with, however i'm sure because of their enabling I would be in trouble!