If you could have any SUPER power....

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    How I wish it was possible :thinking:

    Lets hear em!
  2. Shapeshifting!

    Sort of like Mystique from X-men
  3. I wish I had the ability to be in multiple places at once. I could get so much more done that way :biggrin:
  4. Umm I definitely agree!!...as I sit here on TPF while I need to be studying, doing homework, and doing stuff for my job. Yeahh...

    But one I totally wouldn't want is the ability to read minds. I don't need/ want to know everything someone is thinking lol.
  5. "Yup, that guy is definitely wanting to steal my purse."
  6. I want to be like Storm from X-men. She was one of my favorite characters on that show. But I would want to control the weather for the entire universe, not just Earth.
  7. I would DEFINITELY want the power to read peoples minds!!! Think about how helpful it would be and entertaining as well....LOL
  8. I'd want to read minds for funny/useful stuff. But it would suck if you knew stuff like "ugh those pants make her butt look HUGE" that people were thinking about you
  9. I want to be able to stop time for everyone else in the world but me. I would never be late, I could always squeeze in a nap and it would solve my procrastination problem.
  10. I would want to fly. I've always wanted to fly lol. And sometimes if someone's really bothering you you could just float up into the air really high and that would be the end of that lol just hang there for a while with a slurpee or something :P
  11. I would zap people into feeling love and compassion for each other. and just for people to be nice to each other.
  12. can i just poop out gold? i'd be happy with that.
  13. super intelligence....sounds super lame, but i want it to do all my homework
  14. I want to be invisible. There are so many people who I would love to be a fly on the wall in their homes. I want to see what they are like behind closed doors because they are so "stepford family'' in public.
  15. I 'd like to not need sleep, this way I could work during night and do fun stuff during the day! And I'd want to understand and speak all the languages in the world. And to transport everywhere in the world with a blink of my eyes. And never getting old.