If you could have any Gucci Bag.....

  1. Which one would it be?

    Hi Gucci lovers,
    This is my first post so here goes nothin...
    So I have a choice of any bag in the guccci store (wedding gift for me) and I have no idea which one fits me or what's the hottest gucci bag to get. I love Chloe bags because having a 8 month old there are a ton of pockets to put stuff in and kep it organized. But the last one I bought is so heavy. I am curious which bag do you love??? And which one should I get?
  2. If I could pick anything I would probably pick a Pelham in Chocolate Guccissima leather.
  3. I would go the black leather indy... that bag is H-O-T...
  4. horsebit hobo in guccisima!
  5. I love the indy! Definitely would go for red or gunmetal python if money were no object. I like the other indys too though and they half the price...

    Like others thought I have heard they are not comfy so they may not be ideal if you are toting around an 8 month old too.

    the pelham or hosrebit hobo is probably more practical and still gorgeous.
  6. Yumm.. Large Indy in black leather with silver hardware (first gen)
  7. okay here are my fave choices :drool::

    the cream is just TDF (saw it IRL today)!

    or the brown one is gorgeous too


    and last but not least: the chain!!!