If you could have any color Medium Jet Set Tote...

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  1. NAVY! But I've been obsessed with MK's navy bags lately. I've only owned one MK bag all my life, and all of a sudden I bought 6 MK bags this past month, all navy hahaha.
  2. The black and white stripe! I love it!
  3. The summer blue and white striped that I just bought! Lol
  4. I saw your post and I loved that one! I also ended up getting my bag at Lord & Taylor with the great discount they have now. However, I went with the black and white stripes because the blue one is really only good for summer and I already have a bunch of summer purses (they're way cuter), and I wanted one that was a bit more versatile.
  5. In the travel totes I have a couple and love them to death. I have the mandarin, the studded in vanilla and studded in brown and the saffiano in purple.
    You really can't go wrong with any of them as they are great for traveling to put all your stuff in.
  6. I love the new blue and yellow striped one on the MK site and the checkered one that Macy's has!