If you could have any bag in the world....

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  1. If you could have any bag in the world, and money wasn't an issue, what would it be??

    Mine would probably be a paddy - which isnt even that expensive to most people!
  2. The Moschino Melted Chocolate Bag. :love: I'm obsessed with it!
  3. something chanel, probably. a large grey or white reissue maybe.
  4. mahbag, looks yummy!!
  5. mahbag the chocolate moschino bag is a cutie!
    i know which one u are talking about.

    for me it will be my 1980s vintage bottega.....:love:
  6. Annny bag ?

    Hermes black croc birkin.. with diamonds ! ;)
  7. Ditto :love: No Birkin here.
  8. no birkin for me either, it just doesn't do it for me, i'd feel like i was getting it just because that's what people expected. maybe if i was, like, 50 with a big time office job or something. it would be more appropriate for me then.
  9. I'm aiming low too...a Balenciaga. I don't really think in terms of the "future" when it comes to bags, and honestly can't see myself owning anything beyond $2500. I can admire things like the Birkin and Kelly, but don't think they fit into my lifestyle realistically. I may be shooting myself here, but as much as I love bags, there are other things I would rather spend that kind of money on. Then again, if I won the lottery, I would probably snatch up an entire Hermes store ;) .