If you could have any bag in Cassis ....

  1. Ok, after seeing sweetpurple's Cassis haul I am sitting here thinking what bag I wouldn't love to have in that beautiful rich purple.

    Right now I'm dreaming of a Cassis petit Noe. i think it would be so cute to tool around with that bright cheery bag everyday! And, it would look GREAT with just about anything.

    So, if you could have any bag in the new epi Cassis - what would it be?

    Doesn't matter if LV makes one or not. What would you pick?
  2. sorry to say but there is no petit noe in cassis:sad:
    I am thinking to get a cassis bag... but still cant decide between passy and alma.
  3. Yeah, I know. That is why I'm dreaming about it! Maybe someday or a special order .....
  4. yeah I want a cassis lockit or soufflot so badly:smile:)))
  5. alma or speedy, no question!

    or since we could pick anything, i'm thinking a neverfull will look gorgeous in cassis!
  6. alma for sure! :heart:
  7. I would definitely go for the petite noe in Cassis if LV ever decides to make it in this color!!! I don't have a Noe at all, but this would be a perfect bag in this color! Otherwise, I would either pick the Alma or the Passy.
  8. Probably a speedy. :tup:
  9. I'd get the madeleine pm in cassis! It's such a pretty bag!!
  10. a petit noe, a speedy or a keepall would be gorgeous! :love:
  11. I would LOVE a Petit Noe or passy!
  12. speedy speedy speedy!!!:heart:
  13. I'd love a SO hatbox.. that'd be so hot !
  14. Maxter, aren't you supposed to be on the Chanel board???!!! (I think I may have defected to LV...at least for a little while!!!):nuts:
  15. definitely a lockit!!! I was so hoping they were coming out with a lockit in this color; maybe in the future!