If you could have any B-bag ever made, BRAND NEW, what would it be?

  1. I made this poll because Balenciaga has SO many great colors, but the older ones are always used, and I've decided I just can't handle purchasing a used bag.

    But if you had every Bbag ever made, BRAND NEW with tags, sitting right in front of you, which one would you take?

    I *think* I would take a Rouge Theatre City. I would love to have one now, but of course none are brand new.

  2. Well, since recently I found out that there was only one store in the entire planet that bought the Anthracite Courier, I'd pick that bag. Apparently, it's very rare and probably only a few, if that, were made.
  3. Black croc City bag. I might as well dream big!
  4. For me it would be an Eggplant City.:yes:
  5. What's the name of the metallic silver one? Pewter?

    Well anyway, that one! :yahoo:
  6. Hmmmmm... that's tough cause I love the bbags I have and they've taken away my desire for older colors. Seafoam was the color that got me into Balenciaga, but with my Vert D'eau I'm over Seafoam now [as I prefer the brass HW to pewter anyway]...

    I think I'd probably want a Black City w/pewter HW...what year was that from? o4? I'd also like a white City w/reg.HW, but I want it to neeeever get dirty ;) lol
  7. 2005 Turq
  8. Well, i already found mine.:graucho: 05 Black City with a yummy leather.:yahoo:But i still want more 05 bags.:sweatdrop:
    IMG_2888 (2).JPG
  9. 05 yummy black day. Still searching for this HG. :sad:
  10. Lilac or Rose 04 weekender
  11. Can I have two?? I HAVE to be allowed at least two!!!
    -Eggplant City
    -Seafoam City
  12. mmm...mmmm...

    Ink city! :drool:
  13. Either a RT day or rose city :heart:
  14. 2006 Grey Purse or
    2006 Rouge VIF City or
    Rouge Theatre Purse (just like Christina's)
  15. Pewter First would be my pick