If you could have any 10 purses, which ones?


Jun 23, 2010
Here's my ten:

Mulberry Roxanne in oak
Valentino Maison in purple
Chanel 2.55 black with silver harware
Lady Dior medium size black
Hermes Birkin black
Proenza Schouler PS1 (any colour!)
Rebecca Minkoff Rendevouz clutch (in neon yellow only!)
Anya Hindmarch snakeskin hard case clutch
Carrie's (Sex and and the city) Judith Leiber clutch
Ally Capellino Richard satchel in blue

Mar 28, 2010
Marc jacobs little stam in black - sold out :sad:
LV hampstead in damier ebene size MM
MK hamilton in vanilla with GHW - sold out :sad:
AW diego in black, WITHOUT studs to bottom - sold out :sad:
Mulberry bayswater in black with GHW
Givenchy nightingale in black with studs - sold out :sad:
Anya hindmarch gracie bag in black
AW baby rocco in black with black studs
Olivia harris baby ball
Chanel jumbo flap in beige with GHW

So i guess most of my list is made up of sold out items hence difficult to obtain, can i count those? :biggrin:


Feb 2, 2010
Gosh, I could easily name a hundred if money wasn’t an issue…
I wouldn’t restrict myself to one brand or one type of bag, so these would probably be my top ten choices:

Lady Dior
Mulberry Bayswater
LV epi Alma
Chanel 2.55 Reissue
MJ quilted Stam
Hermès Garden Party
Fendi Peek-a-boo
YSL y-mail clutch
Miu Miu Bow
Gucci Boston


Feb 9, 2006
I would have to say, Coach Madison Maggie's...I just got my 2nd Maggie, but gave the 1st one to my Sister....Here's the Maggie's I'd want~
1~(My New Maggie,Ikat Maggie sv/gray)
2~Croc Maggie in Black
3~Croc Maggie in Bone
4~Croc Maggie in Pink
5~Large Leather Maggie in Black
6~Large Leather Maggie in Gray
7~Patent Maggie in Teal
8~Large Leather Maggie in Bone/ Ivory
That's it for me......Not 10, but close to it....:P


Jun 29, 2007
Oooh this is fun!

Alexander McQueen skull clutch (have)
Black Birkin or HAC with palladium hardware
Chanel reissue 226 with gold hardware (have)
Black Balenciaga town bag (have)
Chanel WOC reissue black metallic (have)
Chanel reissue tote black w/silver hardware (have)
Prada black dragon tote (have)
Chanel reissue 225 or 226 with silver hardware
Croc some H, not sure what, maybe a great croc black Kelly clutch
Last one is hard, lately I've been eyeing the Alexander Wang Coco with the long shoulder strap - the hand held didn't work for me.

Wow - I can't believe I already have so many dream bags of mine, lol. I should have just bought some of them years ago instead of buying others (esp sale bags).


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Apr 27, 2009
Ok here goes -

1- Gucci Wave Medium Shoulder Bag in Tan..
2- Gucci Boston Web Large (either the new re-release or the original vintage)
3- Gucci Baboo Large Top Handle Bag in Stone leather in (Grey)
4- Gucci Tattoo Python Leather Messenger... in white
5- Gucci Sukey Medium Tote in Guccissima Leather in Bronze
6- Gucci Sukey Large Tote Crocodile in Chocolate
7- H Kelley in Red or Orange Ostridge 30
8- Coach Hampton Large Studded Python Shoulder bag
9- Coach Sofia in Pnt Leather Crimson
10- Coach Oil Slick Sabrina --(THE MOST WANTED OF ALL)

This is my ultimate list of bags... and the order does not matter anyone first or last will work for me I love the all for sure... Now the Coach Oil Slick Sabrina would rock the most.
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Oct 2, 2009
This is tough:

1. my chestnut MJ quilted stam
2. mj large single in beige
3. LV epi speedy 30 in black
4. mulberry bayswater in oak
5. nylon prada tote in black or navy
6. something Valentino in red
7. DVF Stephanie in blue
8. something BV in a grey
9. Bal city or pt in a dark green
10. Chloe Marci hobo in white


Jul 16, 2006
Wow, this is really hard! I'm going to give it a go though:

1 Hermes Rouge H Fjord Bolide 37 palladium hardware - my ultimate HG; I have a Rouge H Bolide which I love, but it's not Fjord nor does it have PHW.
2 Hermes black Fjord Bolide 37 palladium hardware - the ultimate workhorse
3 Mulberry Bayswater in black - I have it in chocolate, and it is perfect for university
4 Mulberry black Mitzy hobo - have it; it's not my favourite bag, but it sure holds a lot and is extremely easy to use, I really cannot live without mine
5 Grape large Alexander McQueen Novak - have this one too, it's just so feminine
6 Mulberry oak Ledbury - have it, love it
7 Prada f/w 2007 ombre glace zippers bag - have it, love it for summer
8 Hermes black chevre Kelly Pochette palladium hardware - don't own one (yet), but it seems perfect for dinners and lunches
9 Mulberry patent smudged leopard Charlie clutch - love mine for a night out
10 don't know this one yet - need to decide which bag to get next...possibly an Hermes Victoria, a new Prada or some BV...Tod's seems like a good idea too...


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Dec 3, 2009
Shoot . . . this is really difficult. After much pondering I would say:

1 - Hermes Birkin in Glossy Bordeaux Porosus Crocodile (a la Victoria Beckham) :love:
2 - Chanel m/l black lambskin classic flap with SHW
3 - Chanel m/l 10C red lambskin classic flap with SHW
4 - Chanel reissue 225 in black or grey with SHW
5 - Chanel black quilted caviar WOC with SHW
6 - Alexander McQueen skull clutch
7 - YSL Roady in red textured leather
8 - Chanel Ultimate Soft in black with SHW
9 - Hermes Medor Clutch
10 - Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouchette in a yellow leather or white python


Mar 22, 2007
1. Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote in Scotch
2. Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote in Black
3. Hermes Birkin 35 in something tan/light brown
4. Hermes Birkin 35 in black
5. F+C Mini City in Ruby
6. Tod's D Bag
7. Mulberry Bayswater in Black
8. Mulberry Bayswater in Brownish shade
9. Carolina Herrera bag I lusted after in her vegas boutique in a Pewter shade
10. some kind of lovely clutch.