If you could get the coin purse for..

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  1. ..around $205 would you (retails for $285 I think)? I do like it and I would get the black its just I'm thinking its alot of money for a purse w/ no compartments etc its just I like it lol.:smile:
  2. Heres a pic.:smile:
  3. It is really cute but I think it's too much money for something as tiny as that. But if money's not an issue, go for it!
  4. agreed :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. kitty, they are cute. aren't they?:cutesy: i've been thinking about getting one myself. they are pricey, but you'd use it all the time... with every and any bag. if i got one it would be some bright color... that would scream "hey, look at me!".
  6. kkcc, i actually have one in caramel. it is great to have although a bit much ($$$$) for such a small accessory-i agree :Push:
    but it really helps me out when i do not want to lug a big wallet around ina small bag. i will just place some bills and CCs & ID(maybe some small change too) and i'm all set :graucho:
  7. I've found 2 coin purses: a calcaire 05 and a seafom 04... ( I have not seen them IRL but the SA described me the colour)
    I hope to receive them next week....
  8. l b, congrats on those two colors! please post pics as soon as you receive them! ;)
  9. kitty, was this a store/boutique you saw the coin purse for $205?

    has anyone seen these coin purses on sale anywhere? i want one. i want to use it for my ipod... to keep the earphones and ipod together.
  10. esile, what a wonderful idea :flowers: i actually got mine from bluefly last year in september *ducks for cover and hides in shame* :ninja:
  11. i'm sure yours is very authentic! :lol:
    i carry my ipod everywhere with me and i just throw it in my bags...
    the earphones are always getting tangled. the coin purse is a perfect size. don't ya think? okay, i'm on a mission now.
  12. thanks, esile-hon! if i come across one, i'll give you a shout-out!!! :tender:
  13. Yes- I like it very much. I would buy it- it would help me stay more organized- just like an extra compartment!
  14. thanks, booyah... be my eyes and ears! i definitely want it, but only for less than retail. i'm cheap.:lol:
  15. i really like the coinpurse too! :smile:

    (i also have a crush on the mini-coin purse ;))