If you could get only one handbag what would it be?

  1. From previous discussions looks like much more people prefer "quality" over "quantity" here. Personally I can't imagine myself carrying the same bag for the rest of my life (even for a couple years); no bag is good enough for this.
    Please ladies who thinks opposite, share you perfect bag idea!
    So, if you forced to have the only one bag (all your current bags are gone), what whould you buy? I wish to tell that money are not a issue but this is not true. I can't afford Birkin and Kelly. Let's set up $3000 limit.
    Thank you very much!
  2. If I had $3000 to spend, I would march straight to Chanel and see if I couldn't squeeze a couple of bags out of there. But...to stick to your rule of only one bag I would get the the new expandable flap bag. I believe it's around 2400$ b/4 tax.

    This was a tough question!!
  3. I am going to agree with the previous post. If I could only have one bag I would want it to be Chanel flap :love:
  4. For me it would have to be a Balenciaga City. Perfect size, it's good for casual day or going out at night... I love that I can wear it over shoulder, crook of arm or by the longer strap if I need hands free. It looks nice both full or empty and of course the great leather- really the perfect bag :smile:
  5. I would go JC Ramona. It's big, so I could travel with it, and it can be carried on the shoulder OR in the crook of the arm. What a horrible thought though--only one bag. (shudder)
  6. For me a Chanel Cambon :smile:
  7. Thank you, ladies! My firsh thought was Chanel too, but I think that Chanel flap is too dressy for everyday use.
  8. Way under $3000, but if I could only have one bag forever, it would be my Bottega Veneta Campana, larger size ($1900+). I love bags that can be shoulder or arm and I love the soft, woven leather.
  9. boxermom
    Is it the bag on you avatar? Beautiful!
  10. wow...there is a lot of handbags out there..but I would probably pick Fendi Spy bag
  11. i'll go with bottega veneta too... just not so sure which one.
  12. I change my bag and tastes usually daily. I couldn't imagine one from now on! I dont even wanna think about it. lol
  13. Thank you! I should update my avatar. That bag is a flap bag that I bought last year. It doesn't hold as much as I'd like. It is a very soft bag, tho.
  14. Something from Hermes. I think their bags will always be stylish.