If you could get ONE purse this season what would it be?

  1. I'm looking to buy ONE envy-inspiring, seriously expensive bag for fall and winter. I know this is a tough proposition for you all but which ones should I look at? Which are THE hottest right now? I can spend between $1K-$2K.

    TIA :smile:

  2. Im thinking about a Balenciaga city
  3. Yup Balenciaga!!
  4. A little over the price range, but the LV Suhali Lockit.
  5. Fendi B bag
  6. They do look gorgeous :drool:
  7. I agree, go with the Balenciaga. I just got my first like a week and a half ago and i am already totally obsessed, haha
  8. I was going to say LV embossed Polly, but you restrict my answer with a price limit. Then, I guess Suhali Lockit.
  9. Chanel Coco Cabas in leather
  10. Chanel MC in Black!!
  11. Marc Jacobs Elise in White Chiffon! Classic, feminine, functional, and absolutely drool-worthy! :drool:
  12. Balenciaga! They are just gorgeous.
  13. I skimped for a while and bought a 5-series. :biggrin: Carries more than an LV...
  14. i agree! ^^
    or just any chanel. always a classic.

  15. Go Balenciaga Allllllllllll The Way!
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