If you could get a Celeb to be a PF-er, who would it be?

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  1. It's a silly topic but someone hadda make it !

    If you could get a Celeb to be a PF-er, even if for a day, who would it be?

    I'm gonna go on a limb and say I would like to see "Victoria Beckham" b/c I know that her collection in the Visual Threads would BLOW us away! :nuts:

    So, who would you have liked to see here in tPF? Try to say why to make it interesting :lol:
  2. Hmm... I would say Victoria Beckham... I would love to hear stories about her DH when she talks about him... :drool:

    I would also say Jessica Simpson because she has an pretty vast LV collection, but I just truly can't stand her.
  3. This belongs in GEN DISCUSSION..Not LV
  4. I like the idea of Victoria Beckham, she has an amazing collection
  5. Jessica Simpson, she has TONS of LV!!!
  6. ^ bah you took VB already...

    Ok..Hmmm I don't mind david Beckham and I will keep asking him model the bags with no shirt on LOL

    Seriously.. I love to see Angie Harmon
  7. Oh wait, I wanna see Cristiano Ronaldo too. He was in that last pic I posted about him exiting the LV boutique :yes: I wonder if he has Monogram Boxers...or Briefs? :lol: j/k
  8. I'd like to see Jessica Simpson because she has so many LVs that I'd love to see!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Paris Hilton, Brit Spears and Lilo :roflmfao:
  10. Hopefully not in that order and not all in the same room, :roflmfao:

    * Drats * my topic got moved! :sad:
  11. Jennifer Lopez
  12. I dont like her personally but I love her bags! My choice would be Lindsey Lohan.
  13. between lindsay lohan and j lo's stylists
  14. Second this ..
  15. Another vote for Victoria Beckham!