If you could experience any decade what would it be?

  1. If you could experience any decade what would it be? It could be one you already experienced or one you thought might have been fun to live through.

    I was an infant in the 70's but I would have liked to have been about 16 or so and experienced The Disco Days.

    I love Disco music and listen to it every chance I get.

    I also love the clothes, all the metallic outfit and boas and funky styles..

    I would have also had a chance to by a nice 69' charger.. whoo hooo!
  2. 1920s glamour, jazz, champagne....
  3. I was too little to remember the 70's and basically "grew up" in the 80's. I guess it would have been interesting to be a teenager in the 70's. No earlier decades really hold me. Backwards medicine, lack of technology...but I guess on the other hand, in those other decades there was less fear than there is now....or maybe it was just different.
    In the 50's everyone was paranoid of Russia...
    In the 60's it was too much - civil rights, all that fighting, serious changes....sounds kinda scary....
    I don't know.
  4. I would say probably the 50's.

    I am very intrigued with that era!!!
  5. I don't have a particular decade but I would love to see any decade in the 19th century !
  6. the roaring 20s. iv always wanted to milly in thoroughly modern milly!
  7. Probably the 60s :smile: In San Franciso!!!!
  8. :nuts: we could share a flat, dude :p

    That's exactly what I would have choosen. Wanna jump into my Volkswagen Bully and take a road trip to Woodstock?! :graucho:
  9. The roaring 20's, but I'd probably be in jail most of the time because you'd always find me in a speakeasy.
  10. 1770 - 1791

    In France.
  11. We could be cellmates and trade our silk stockings for smokes and moonshine with the other inmates! :nuts:

  12. Currently 1920's for two reasons. Fashion and the crash of the stock market...I just wonder what that was really like...
  13. This may be the best question I have ever seen on here, and I have thought about it and thought about it, it has sent me scurrying back through history, to check dates, which decade in the 3rd century did this or that occur, and distracted by another thoughtlet that leads to a closeyoureyes dream, off again to yet another sparkling tassel that adorns that sometimes glorious but more often in- tapestry of what is, after all, just one species on one planet.

    Should I choose a decade based on an event? The chance to be, if only from a distance, the contemporary of an admired artist or thinker? General ambience? The question didn't say anything about the space part of the continuum, so must my decade be when I would want to live in the geographical location I am now? And which super-powers, if any, will I have? What's time travel without a few super-powers?

    Like invisibility, teleportation, and flight. Which are not only the bestest super-powers, but also the three wishes you should ask for in case you are ever fortunate enough to encounter a generous djinn.

    And will we be able to change history? That is always an important consideration any time one plans a visit to another decade.

    Should I base my choice on utility - maybe getting to enjoy a glass of tej or a hookah or two with the famous thinkers - or sentiment - choosing a decade that had a lot of hopefulness. Even though I know, being from the future, that all that hopefulness is garbage-bound.

    That's it! I will choose a decade in the future! One where progress has been made, where Greed, though ever-present, is recognized for what it is, controlled and checked and balanced, as more than one famous thinker - not to mention a particularly famous Prophet :smile: in the past has suggested, and as a result of that one change, everything has changed, and the hopefulness has a certain solidity to it, a decade where people nod to one another, eyes a-twinkle, and go "YEAH!"
  14. Let´s all share a tent in Woodstock ! 60´s for me too but I am Hesitating between Flower Power Woodstock and the Swinging London, dreaming of a better future and thinking we´d all live in space by year 2000 !
  15. I would have to say the mid to late 60s and early 70s! It seemed like such a fun time. The music was fantastic