If you could DYOB what would it look like?

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  1. I'm such a dreamer!! :cloud9::cloud9:

    All this olive stuff on the website got me thinking.....If you could DYOB what would it look like? Then I thought what would other people's DYOBs look like.

    DYOB= Design your own bag

    Mine would be......

    Shape/Style: newman hobo with luxe woven flap (like sep's luxe havana pictured)

    Color/Leather: Rustic pebbled Cow leather in Olive

    Hardware: Gunmetal or Brass

    Interior: Paule Marrot Lining "the plums" as featured in PM Nomade Drawstring

    Additional Features: The biblio Bag style Bag Charm (pictured on biblio bag) & Feet on the bottom


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  2. I think a crossbody prune Gaza satchel would be my dream bag! Funky and functional for everyday use. I have a moleskin notebook full of design ideas. Some are fun going out bags, some mama bags, some kid free day bags.

    Your bag would be TDF, Lulu!
  3. Great idea Lu! I have to think about this one! It would definitely include: tassels, cool colorful lining, and glazed lambskin.
  4. Mine would be a hybrid of the Biblio, the Trophy, and the Beatrice. In a thick but soft leather, with an adjustable shoulder strap so it could be made long enough to wear cross-body. There would be a keyfob/clip inside the bag so my keys wouldn't get lost. Color? Maybe a beautiful grey, like RM's Cloud Grey or Flatiron Grey. I'm actually not very picky about linings. Something sturdy and not black, but not necessarily a print, either.
  5. Hmmm.... so hard. I've just bought a lovely cross-body slouchy hobo (LP) so what I really want is a bigger Conrad (slightly slouchy briefcase/book bag). Magnets on the two front pockets instead of turnlocks, a divider in the center compartment (to hold folders upright and separate from wallets and carryalls), a PEN pocket, and an open cinch pocket on the side for a water bottle. Soft, charcoal cow leather, with the yellow/purple geo print lining. Size would be bigger than the Conrad, bigger than the Pallenberg and Burke. Maybe 17" by 12" and about 5" deep.
  6. ^^Oh, yeah, a pen pocket! I want one too. My pens get lost in the current slot pockets.
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    Emerald Green Goatskin Trophy with gunmetal hardware with a metalic closure instead of the turnlock. The interior would be Geo Print like the Kristy trench. Also add an additional crossbody strap to it.
  8. I say a wyeth tote with a thicker crossbody strap in black zeus. :biggrin:
  9. OMG, I just fell over and died with dreams of a BZ Wyeth Tote! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  10. EYB, I agree on this one. Only thing better would be British Racing Green.:yahoo: I like the Emerald Goat Corcovado, but would like that green even deeper by a few notches. But, your're right - would be stunning with gunmetal hardware.
  11. Thanks RMC! I would take it in either shade!
  12. YAY lots of dreamers like me. :cloud9:

    So many cool ideas! I'm totally digging the pen pocket!! When you look at other brands it seems they don't like pockets. It's one thing to love about HH. Pockets! Everywhere!

    A lot of crossbody action...seems to be the trend. & Green!
  13. Hmmm. I think a crossbody strap for the Havanas woudl be cool though I don't think thats my favorite bag. Maybe a trophy tote?

    Take the standard trophy make it more rectangular in shape - have divider and depth of Tharpe but taller? Have a long handle drop 10" for those two - but maybe add some detail to the handles (braided?, or like Missty's DYOB bag) and plus plain flat long strap.
    Feet on bottom and a nice geometric print lining. Biblio style charms. Leather - red, grey or metallics - like old HH ruby, grey leathers - with matching color stitching. Silver or gunmetal wardware - I actually dislike brass and gold a lot.

    I'd love to see a nice red mixed with a gray
  14. Maybe a cross between the Havana and the Tharpe. I love the flap on the tharpe the way it has a zippered pocket built in. also have the side pockets.
  15. I wore my new moonbeam Havana this morning (thanks, fellow HHH). I love that leather. I was thinking about what would be my DYOB in that leather. Hate to sound like a broken record, but I would start with the Trophy bag silhouette. I would make it in moonbeam. I would give it a long double shoulder strap that could be converted to one extralong crossbody strap.

    I would change the front pocket to give it more storage. As much as I like the front pocket on the Trophy group, it doesn't hold much. I would make the front pocket span the entire front like the back pocket does. However, because I know the leather on my Brandy trophy has softened into such a glorious puddle that the back pocket falls out from the magnetic pull of the side of the bag (pocket flaps open), I would put a fold-over clasp on the span of the front pocket to hold it secure. I would add a bit rouching to give it even more capacity for those days when a gal wants to carry everything and the kitchen sink.

    I laid my rose gold bangle bracelet on top of my MB Havana to remind myself to put it on before running out of the house this morning. I was struck by how beautiful the rose gold goes with the moonbeam. So, I would make the hardware rose gold or do a combination of rose gold and silver. I think the gold hardware on the moonbeam is so Blah.

    Something similar to this:


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