If you could do one more purchase... what would it be

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  1. I can make one more purchase and then I'll sit back and enjoy the things I have. Right now I have two Kelly's (black/burgundy red and etoupe) a gold Birkin, blue Picotin, green Croc Kelly sport and a little brown Kelly clutch.

    Or is it enough? What do you think ?
  2. I WOULD GET A LINDY BAG!!!!!!! I have a hard time choosing the color though
  3. That's easy, my dream Vespa.
  4. JPG Birkin, in vert olive with PH hardware. I'm obsessed with this combo and it's all Shopmoms and lov2shops fault, lol
  5. I'm intrigued by the Lindy bag, how much fit in there, for instance if I would like to travel? what colors are you thinking of?
  6. the Vespa is very pretty indeed:smile:
  7. I'd get a shoulder bag...a Massai :love:
  8. me? i need to stop.....for now.
  9. I was thinking shoulder, too, but a Trim!
  10. Trim, Tangle. A nice Barenia Trim if you can get your hands on one. They're so soft and casual and perfect for our neck of the woods!!!
  11. It's so funny to find this thread because I was just thinking how happy I am at the moment with my collection of bags now. I think I've got it to right size with the right bags......but in thinking about what my next purchase might be, I think I would like either another vintage bag but in a discontinued style and/or a 28cm Black Chevre Kelly Sellier or a 28cm HAC.

    But right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying what I have!!!!
  12. Every woman needs at least one (or in my case...four) H casual shoulder or messenger bag...
  13. LOL, I feel like I'm in that movie "Single White Female", Shopmom, because I crave so many things in your collection!! Barenia Trim is definitely on that list . . .

    As is muffin . . . I wish I could turn my cat into your cat!!

  14. how about a medium Garden Party in natural/black?
  15. The trim bag is a very pretty bag, I'm indeed toying with either the garden bag, the trim bag or another bolide:smile: or maybe the lindy, hmmmm :smile: