If you could do a special order what would you get???

  1. Me it would be a vernis red speedy...I inquired and they do not do them...I wonder why??? they do the papillion....
  2. I would love to have a horizontal lockit in Damier!

  3. ohhh never thought about that one...it would be stunning wouldn't it???
  4. why won't LV SO whatever you want, if you'd pay whatever it costs what's the problem.

    my top SO would be the credit card holder (the one that has the plastic card wallets) in multicolor but they won't make it, just a small thing but I would LOVE it!!!
  5. Vernis speedy 25 in perle. :love:
  6. MC Manhattan Gm.
  7. a leopard/monogram speedy
  8. The Mizi/Klara in Vernis...mmmm...maybe also in the mini lin...
  9. An epi cabas piano.
  10. Damier carryall. :biggrin:
  11. vernis speedy in framboise
  12. do they make any speedy in vernis? I have not seen any but that would be beautiful!
  13. Germanium L'Extravagant, White Tobago Keepall with a black LV initial
  14. I love the idea of a damier Lockit. Don't know which one I like best though.
  15. Anycolor vernis speedy 25 :girlsigh: .