If you could design your own your own BV...

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  1. ...what would it be? Would it be and existing style, in a different color? Different leather? Would the handles be longer? Shorter? Or would it be completely different?

    I'll go first:
    My wish would be for a Montaigne with longer straps. Only a few inches longer in the braided part. In addition, it would come with a removable long braided shoulder strap, for those days when you just need to be hands free. Now on the inside, I would add two more pockets, one on each end. The pockets would be open, without a zipper or snap.

    As for leather/color, I would like two of these Montaignes. One would be in the same leather and color as the new Platinum Ossidato Cabat :drool::drool::drool:

    The second would be in the Club stripe. I would like a dark cobalt electric blue for the body and ends. The middle strip would be a bold turquoise. The bordering stripes would be pale turquoise.

    And you?
  2. As usual, you took the words right out of my mouth, jburgh!! Just a teensy-weensy more length in the handles of the Montaigne would make a world of difference for everyday wear, and make what is close to a perfect bag absolutely perfect! And a removable shoulder strap would be a wonderful plus too... sigh, it was that darn shoulder strap that really made me covet fiasco-bag for those days when I really need to just put the strap across so I could go completely hands free (without worrying about it falling off my shoulder and not having a hand free to stick it back up).

    I'm not sure about what other colours I would then want/need in my new and improved Montaigne - I definitely NEED the animal print we have had a hint of in the pre-fall pictures and since I can't get that one out of my mind it is hard getting anything else in there right now... perhaps ottone, or the Hawaii-only almature colour, or what about ferro? Actually, a ferro Montaigne would be really, really nice!
  3. ^ A ferro Montaigne would be great! I'm so hypnotized by the Platinum Ossidato, though. Every time I look at that Cabat, I feel woozy, lol!
  4. I would love a Cabat that`s more of a north-south tote and something with both handles and a detachable shoulder strap!
  5. I'd love to see the stamped veneta in more colors. And I'd like the new ball bag to be a bit deeper and close with a full zipper across the top.
  6. I'd love a pyramid with the braided rings (like on the new ball bag), I think it would make this bag extra special, also I'd love it if the ferro was a bit brighter and metallic like ottone but not too bright like peltro. I'd also love it if the made the veneta in the new platino ossidato colours, I've passed all this info onto my SA, so watch this space next season.....;)
  7. I'd love a more structured woven bag like a smaller Hermes kelly in a beautiful silver like peltro or almature. There is a similar looking vintage one in the actions thread that is just TDF. :love:
  8. I would like them to start making the maxi veneta part of the normal seasonal collection. I would also love to see a veneta with the butterflies on it (from the catalogue). They are so pretty and summery.

    But most of all I would love to see a whole collection in jewel colours!!! I would love a "chalcedony" coloured veneta.
  9. Okay, after some googling to figure out what on earth that means, I think I now get what you mean!
  10. The central piece in my cocktail ring is chalcedony. Much prettier in real life than I can get in the photos.
    IMG_0189.JPG IMG_0190.JPG
  11. I'd like the new ball to have silver rings instead of gold, like the bracelets. And I'd like something else satchel-shaped besides the Montaigne. And I'd like a large discount.
  12. I`m with you there, hover, let`s redesign the price tags first thing!
  13. I'd like the old ball to come in seasonal colours. (SA told me the old ball only comes in classic colours.)
  14. Longer straps (long enough to go over the sleeve of a heavy winter coat) and/or detachable straps.