If you could design your own Chanel...

  1. So, in deciding what my next bag would be, I asked myself to pick my ultimate Chanel bag. I came up with several answers as each one lacked just a little something that would make it perfect. That made me wonder what my dream Chanel bag would be if I could design it. Here's what I came up with:

    Something durable, big but not bulky, and practical for a mom. Basically, take the original cabas with the CC logo in the middle, make it smaller and not as wide at the base, do it in a distressed super slouchy caviar or super soft distressed leather, lengthen the shoulder drop a tad, add side pockets for a small bottle of water and my keys/cell phone. and add a hidden zipper to the top (like in the cambon tote).

    That's my dream Chanel...for now. What's yours? Ambitious artistic people, feel free to sketch a visual!
  2. I'd simply get a classic caviar flap that is in between the size large and jumbo. THAT would be the perfect Chanel bag for me. I find the med/large a tad too small and wont hold anything either so I'd also eliminate the interior compartments.