If you could design for Hermes, what you would create?

  1. Sometimes, I look at my collection, and think if I could create a bag for Hermes, I would... If I could design a wallet, I would...a scarf???... Just curious what creations tPFers would come up with????

  2. 2 things (I have thought about this alot myself)--I would work on better colors. Personally I dont care for alot of the colors and I would create a great new shoulder bag. I think the Lindy was their attempt at adding a shoulder bag to their shoulder bag deficit but i personaly dont care for the Lindy. Too many straps (handles, shoulder straps and closure straps--and the whole thing collapses.
  3. Cool thread :biggrin:

    I'd revamp the JPG Birkin to include (a) interior pockets (b) a lighter-weight (yet still soft) leather and (c) create a few new sizes...maybe something in a 32cm too.

    Out of all my H bags, I enjoyed carrying the JPG the most. The things that bugged me, however, included the lack of interior pockets and the weight...sheesh I bulked up a bit on my left side carrying that thing!!!
  4. I would modify the Birkin: 32 cm with a optional shoulder/messenger strap

  5. thats a good one!
  6. Do they make an iPod holder?
  7. A baby carrier (like Baby Bjorn) and a baby stroller and the interior of the car of your choice.
  8. A shoulder tote with a thin profile which also has the Kelly straps and closure across the top.
  9. Rose--I agree with your idea, that would be so pretty. :smile: Does H make cosmetic cases?
  10. I would desighn "preciouse little things" - compacts, pill boxes, ladies hankies, enamel rings in every color, hair ribbons....
  11. i would like to strectch the birkin to a more vertical size so the A4 papers can fit in vertically :yes:
  12. ITA with Rose- it'd be great if they could modify the Birkin to add a shoulder strap (maybe add a couple inverted Y-shaped leather pieces to each side?)
  13. an umbrella for my bags. As in, a compact, foldable one that I could put inside, with a gorgeous leather-covered handle.
  14. Omg why must we have this thread, I'm drooling over imaginary Hermes?!!!! lol
    though I think a Kelly wallet would be hot (square with the flap and closures)
    I think a folder made with H leather would be so cute (i have no where to take and use it but that not the point, looking fabulous is!)
    I think more leather bags for men should be created, not necessarily new designs but adjustments on the proportions of bags i.e. extreme HAC, with a tiny flap at the top and very short handles or untampered Kelly i.e. square (although there already is a kelly briefcase its too small on a man and looks like a ladies briefcase)

    hmm let me think more!!!
  15. I'd also want a better shoulder option for the birkin, the JPG doesn't sit very well IMO. Maybe a pink croc psp case :smile:

    Or an Hermes cell phone, since every other designer seems to have one lol.