If you could design anything LV ...

  1. What would you do?

    I would LOVE to see:

    Whimsical: an LV and Hello Kitty (still love that Cat) line of bags (Murakami style), even scarved and Jewellery. Sweetest thing I could think of would be that Hello Kitty cat holding an LV bag or wearing an LV scarf.

    Serious: a joint Pen collaboration between Montblanc and LV

    Bling: a joint Watch collaboration between Cartier (or Tag) and LV

  2. LVMH owns tag...

    as for what I want to see. let me get back to you...
  3. -Suhali Keepall

    -Bags and messengers in a black on black Monogram Canvas, similar to Gucci's black on black signature web canvas
  4. Yep, I would definitely buy a Hello Kitty and Friends collaboration with LV bag. It might even be limited to only Japan. :nuts:
  5. Suhali Koala

    Damier Groom Papillon

    Monogram Mirage Lockit
  6. Oooh this is such a fun question!!!!!

    A realistic one: I requested, via my SA, that LV make a travel sleep mask with Suhali leather and they refused, but that would be fab.

    A cool one: Batik (African) fabric LVs (see attached).

    Imagine a LV Denim Pigalle or a Vernis Rolando or a Onatah Decollete. I wouldn't want a shoe in monogram or multicolor but the other lines would be SO SICK.
  7. MC White in mini pochette
    Butterfly with MC.
    MC Koala wallet.

    I'm crazy for MC.
  8. i like John's suggestion black on black monogram would look awesome and be so practical too!
  9. OMG!!!!! SHOES! Love everyone's designs! BUT Christian Louboutin and LV??!!!???!!

    Just imagining that made my heart flutter!!:heart:
  10. I know right? I can totally visualize the shoes too. Oh well, maybe one day.
  11. John you read my mind concerning the Keepall...noir or verone would be awesome...

    Suhali speedy??? What do you guys think

    And a Miroir Damier bag...let's say it's possible...
  12. I would love a musette salsa with the long strap in white or black mc!! that would be a cute running around bag!

    or maybe the current shape of the lodge mc but with a long strap for across body use! Would love that in either the mc or ebony mini lin!
  13. A Reverse monogram would be cool too. instead of the dark background it would be the light color of the monogram and the monogram would be dark like the background...

    this isnt what I want right now but it came to mind haha
  14. A bag named after me!
  15. mini multicolor pochette

    speedy 25 in multicolor

    vernis speedy

    hello kitty and lv collaboration!!! i :heart: hello kitty :heart: