If you could customize a chanel, what would it be?

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  1. Mine would be a pinky-bronze patent leather larger rectangular reissue with a longer modern chain and a croc texture with the softest leather interior ... titanium hardware

    and something in yellow...

    And yours??
  2. A 2005 bright fire engine red classic flap in caviar or lambskin, in medium/large or jumbo! I'm okay with either hardware :heart: (I'm not too creative)
  3. I wonder, do celebs and the elite clientele get one-of-a kind pieces or even customized bags?
  4. I'd have a classic flap somewhere between the jumbo and medium size.
  5. :sleepy:In my dream ...

    I would like to have a Classic medium flap in Electric Blue with matellic kind of leather & with silver hardware :tup: Can Karl hear me??? It's just a very simple request! :graucho:

    :sleepy: Oh. I guess I'm still dreaming...
  6. 227 Reissue in 'Roasted Pumpkin' with silver H/W :yahoo:
  7. I'd love a black lambskin flap with silver HW with the same heart-link chain as my Valentine one, so I've got the special chain on an everyday flap!
  8. That's the first thing I thought of before I even read one response. And I'd have it in bright blue caviar with silver h/w.
  9. If they would produce a black cloudy bundle but with the lady braid straps in the same length as the cloudy bundle so that you can wear it on your shoulder even with a winter coat...
  10. I'd love for Chanel to have a blush pink double flap either in patent or caviar, silver hardware with the heart Valentine chain :drool:

    Or have the quilting in a heart pattern (like those Samantha Thavasa bags), bow turnlock closure in blush pink patent or caviar and deep cherry red lambskin :heart:
  11. ooooh i love this thread as i've thought about this question many times b4.

    i would order a pale, pale blush alligator flap with either silver or rose gold hardware (the same hw found on the cloudy bundle bags) in the exact same size as my Le Marais jumbo flap (same chain length too). I'd want the same quilted lining as the Marais flap but perhaps in the appropriate color to match the hardware--so if silver hardware, then silver lining and if rose gold hardware then more bronzy lining. For the chain, I'd prefer the bijoux chain though if they could weave alligator into the chain I'd be all over it too.

    here's pic of the quilted lining i was talking about:


    Second choice would be to have it in the same style as the reissue 2.55. I'm just not crazy about the double flap but i suppose that would mean more alligator...sumptuous! Third choice is to have it in just regular distressed leather as the usual reissues.
  12. I want a baby pink reissue with silver or gold hardware.. And a baby pink GST too! I don't think the PST suits me at all so if ever THERE IS (?!) a baby pink GST.. I'd definitely go for it!
  13. a fuschia, deep purple (like a raisin Hermes color) and a teal modern chain (like the teal baby cabas color)
    make the jumbo a little deeper
    a silver lambskin or silver python classic flap but a more understated silver than the reissue which looks kind of tin foilish to me
  14. Old Style Large Cerf Tote in a Steel Gray with Silver CC Lock :tup: