If you could create your own LV bag, what would it be?

  1. Mine would be a messenger bosphore pm in damier!

    I spent the afternoon at LV trying to decide between the pochette bosphore in damier or the olav pm. I love the look of the pochette bosphore, but found it a little too flat. And the width of the olav is perfect, but it's too small for me in height and length! The bosphore pm is perfect, but it's in mono only!
  2. A Germanium Suhali keepall 45/50 with the same look of a Mc keepall with studs and all

    money doesnt matter to me!
  3. fuschia vernis alma or speedy :drool:
  4. Pink ostrich hatbox.. with the matching steamer truck and shoe trunk .. bwahahaha.. !!

    Wow.. so many ostriches would have to be used for that !!
  5. LOL!
  6. tivoli GM in daimer..now that would be HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It would be pink vernis mixed with Monogram! I have it all fixed in my head and I LOVE IT!
  8. I would buy that for sure!


    Mono Trevi PM and GM
    Vernis Speedy 30
  9. Nothing really... I prefer surprises!
  10. For me it would be a Damier Batignolles Horizontal!!! Can you imagine that chocolate straps on that beautiful bag the beautiful red interior! Oh I can almost feel it!!! Awww.... sigh..... if only! I tried to get LV to do it and they told me could not do it! I am hoping that there is a possibility they will one day come out with it as a new addition to the Damier line!
  11. Speedy 35 in this pattern with the Damier red interior :drool:

  12. Pomme Vernis Speedy 30 .... :heart:
  13. Speedy 30 in black vernis, but somehow have it fingerprint proof! LOL
  14. Suhali L'extravagant with white ostrich leather!!!
  15. think we've have similar post before, but here's mine: VERNIS SPEEDY! and Koala Agenda MM :yes: