If you could create colors for Hermes, what would your dream color be?

  1. Here's a fun thought..if we could special order our own custom colors, what new shades would we create? :idea: I would like somethig in between sage green and vert bronze, or someting between etoupe and vert bronze...
  2. Strawberry pink!!! They do not do that color, am I correct. My apologizes if they do, I am unsure of all their colors.
  3. The softest, babiest, most delicate, prettiest pink:nuts: Pinker than rose dragee...

  4. same here..Is H just teasing us with rose dragee????....close but not close enough.

    oh yes...I want the softest, baby blue also.
  5. Everybody is right on the money. A pink more pink than rose dragee but softer than fuschia!
  6. A baby blue or aqua.
  7. I'd have made an aqua that was bluer than the one offered by H when they offered aqua a couple of years ago.
  8. YES YES YES!!!:drool: :drool:

    CX, a soft and dreamy baby blue sister to the pink would be perfect too....
  9. If the perfect blue comes along. what happens to the black blox gold hw rule HG?????
  10. A green slightly brighter than Vert Fonce; a rich deep green with a tiny bit of blue undertone.

    I'd be happy if they'd just bring back Bleu Saphir.
  11. Orchids - That color sounds sooooo hot!
  12. I would LOVE a bright turquoise color. And I beautiful light pink, not baby pink, maybe a bit brighter! I would also like to see more of that cherry-red Braise color
  13. Something blue-green, like aqua
  14. Oh, no, cxyvr, the black box gold hardware thing is not a rule, per se. I've broken it a few times already. It's just my preference. But, this is a color that may make me break my neutral preference.
  15. I agree with everyone! I would love to see a fabulous new pink- like cotton candy pink! And a baby blue!!!