If you could choose, would you want this hardware on any of your bags?

  1. :crybaby:
    Since I got my Metallic Pink Rose Box I have been daydreaming about having shiny silver or even shiny gold hardware in the regulare size on all of my bags. Or at least dreaming of having the option so I could have this hardware on a few of my bags, and the regular hardware on others. I honestly didn't even know there was limited edition bags that had shiny gold hardware. Well here is a bag from the 05 archives in Black Crocodile with shiny gold hardware, and my French Blue Matelasse and my Metallic Pink Box with shiny silver.
    If you had the choice would you choose either for the hardware on your bags? And how do they rank in your opinion against the regular hardware and the giant hardware? Thanks to fiatflux for leading me to this picture!


  2. Personally I would Love :heart: to have the option of shiny silver regular hardware :yes: as most of the jewelry I wear is silver or white gold and I find the GH is a little too over the top for me to pull off for everyday wear.
  3. i love my RH but i would be happy to have one or two bags in my collection with silver one just for a change ... maybe pale pink or sky blue sort of...*dreams away*
  4. I think my very favorite hardware would be the pewter hardware then regular brass hardware. The shiny silver hardware is too shiny for me so that is the only reason it's not for me because I only wear silver/white gold.
  5. Im with you deana, I think shiny silver would be great on certain colours although I think i would also like it if they brought back pewter or do a matte silver regular hardware!
  6. I love the shiny silver on my vert gazon matelasse bag. I wouldn't want it on all bags, but would love it as an option, or for a season or something.
  7. I can hardly tell the difference between the pewter and the brass, so I don't see bringing pewter back as a high priority (although I know some do) ... but to have the option of shiny silver or shiny gold regular hardware sounds GREAT to me. I'd love a part time in jaune w/the shiny gold or silver (not sure which will look best with that color)...
  8. Personally, I hate anything shiny/flashy. So when I found Balenciaga back in 02 with their cool understated vintagey brass hardware, I was overwhelmed with joy.

    That being said, I wouldn't choose to have any other hardware other than brass on my bags. I was devastated with pewter hardware when they came out with it in 03.

    I know that I'm a minoriy here, and probably so even outside of PF considering that majority of bags have shiny either gold or silver hardware. I know that it looks good on some people, and I've got nothing against that, but I just don't want it for me. Hell, that's one of the many reasons I don't *cheat* on Balenciaga!
  9. An SA at BalNY told me she thought the pewter looked "cheaper" (e.g., when comparing the Men's weekender with the Women's weekender). I find it kind of hard to tell the difference between the pewter & the brass until some of the dark antiquing wears off.
  10. :roflmfao: Who said that?

    I think pewter stands out more, especially when the dark antiguing wears off, which I don't like. What got me hooked on Bbags was the understated cool vintagey look.... What set them apart from the rest of designer bags at that time was that their bags aren't new and shiny....in fact, they're old, beat-up looking bags that really could have been vintage:heart:
  11. I would love a matte silver hardware option!
  12. For that matter, I also would have liked giant silver hardware better if it had been matte and not bumpy like the gold. I think that would have looked really great with some of the fall colors.
  13. I like the pewter but not the silver that's on the Matelasse. It looks cheap to me (ironic since i love the GH!).
  14. I actually like all the types of small hardware, except the brass when it's brand new. Against some colors (like magenta, IMO) it looks kinda green and dingy, KWIM?
    Also, the giant hardware clashes with my style so it's not an option for me, even though the new giant silver is very interesting!
  15. I totally agree with you, danae :yes::heart: