If you could choose where to live, where would you live?

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  1. Dear all

    actually we are thinking about leaving our country (for different reasons, no need to discuss them in depth).

    Gladly we are financially free which means that we could move whereever we want to - though there are two elements we have to take into consideration:

    1.) Our daughter os supposed to attend school, which means that we'd like to move to a country that has an excellent schoolsystem - or at least a good one
    2.) our dog is coming with us - so there are several countries I'd never move to like :Island and sveral other countries that require a long term quarantine.

    So, tell me_ where would you move and why?
  2. I just realised your questions are slightly different from the topic of that thread.

    But in general, quite a big decision to move country and I would feel very uncomfortable opine on it as people are very very different.
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  3. 1.) Our daughter os supposed to attend school, which means that we'd like to move to a country that has an excellent school system - or at least a good one

    2.) our dog is coming with us - so there are several countries I'd never move to like :Island and sveral other countries that require a long term quarantine.
    Finland also qualifies :cool:
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  4. Here is some feedback:
    -Pick a country where you could qualify for a residency visa. This rules out a lot of places.
    -Look for good infrastructure - in addition to schools - such as communications, electricity, water supply, transportation, etc.
    -IMO very few places in the world have a good public school system. You’d be looking at private schooling, even in advanced, developed countries.
    -Consider personal safety, political and economic stability, civil order.
    -Availability of health care and absence of disease vectors, such as malaria.
    -Currency exchange risks.
    -Knowledge of the local language.
    -Climate and weather.

    There are many more considerations, of course. There are websites devoted to this topic.
    Good luck!
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  5. Depends on what's important to you. Figure that out to start with. School and dog aren't exactly detailed self-inquiry.
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  6. Sweden.
    Met several teens there, doing required summer jobs. Great kids.
    Lots of dogs, even on public transport.
    Quality heathcare, when I visited hospital.
    Culture accepting of immigrants. Believe must learn Swedish, however.
    Expect to buy a flat. Renting is insanely difficult.

    If you can deal with cold/dark winters & paying more for some usual stuff(& downloading swisha app) that's my vote.
    Mainly because of fika. I like coffee & treats.:biggrin:

    Good luck.
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  7. hmmm. Perhaps my question was a little bit missleading.

    Actually I just wanted to know " where would you move to and why" and added, that I'd appreciate any named country having an excellent schoolsystem / no quarantine which is absurd as you don't know where I'd move from, so ignore the second one. The first one is important as there are so many different options when it comes to schoolsystems that you can loose overview (though I have been studying educational science, or perhaps exactly because of that). I personally would never, ever (sorry) reccomend Germany to anybody when it comes to schooling, though schools and universities are free, too many elements you might not be aware of when considering moving to FRG but surely can help you deciding not to send you child to a German school.

    That said: I have been living in Sweden - long enough to know that I simply am the worst when it comes to coping with those long long long loooong nights as well as these long days (which even killed me more than the darkness). For that reason Finnland is no option, either, though we were discussin it. I don't care about the weather, I was raised in Brazil, then moved to Peru, then moved to Swizzerland and couldn't and can't care less about weather or climate (-> see: safety as well).

    Perhaps I need to check my post again tomorrow, having a terrible headache right now and am not able to express what I wanted to express... Thank you all for answering my question though my intention wasn't clear at all...
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    To me, the fundamental is language. I wouldn't want to move to a country where I don't speak the language or the language is not commonly spoken. That rules out places like Finland.
    Besides, you can't just move to live and work in any country you want due to immigration laws. Your current nest is way way too wide.
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  9. where would YOU move to?

    Mods, please close, I have a feeling that I am not able to clarify my question.
  10. I’m an older woman with no responsibilities apart from myself. If I could, I would travel constantly. I’d move from one country to another every six months or so. If you’ve got children and a career, that’s obviously not ideal!
  11. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be exactly where I live right now, In New York. :smile:
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  12. I would like to live in a house with a view over LA in the Hollywood Hills...after winning the lottery :biggrin:
  13. NYC is simply amazing. I also have a soft spot for London.
  14. I’m originally from Australia and I’m moving back early next year to Sydney. So my very biased suggestion for you is to move to Sydney Australia lol

    Australia’s quarantine is 10 days - thank goodness, it’s going to be hard on our fur babies and us, but it should past fast!
    The weather is fantastic
    There are lots of sandy beaches and coastline
    Medicare ( free health care)
    Good hospitals
    Good schools
    High cost of living, however wages are high.
    Support of small business
    Close to Asia
    Small population compared to the UK & US