If you could choose only one Hermes

  1. If you could have only one Hermes bag which would it be and what color, leather, hardware and size would you choose?

    And why?
  2. 35 birkin croc with diamonds....i'll use it till i die!
  3. Duh!!!THE KELLY BAG!!! In either Rouge H or Orange. Since I would have just one, it would have to be iconic.
  4. Blue jean birkin 35 cm of course... as for the leather, not sure, but I want it soft..
  5. Me,too(30cm or35cm) birkin in croc. with diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. Baby Rose Glazed Porosus Croc Sellier Kelly with Rose Gold Hardware and Intese Pink Diamonds

    Not my absolute favorite bag but it is the holy grail bag and a bag that I can still look good carrying when at 90+ ... The other choice would've been Fuchsia Glazed Porosus Croc JPG Birkin with Rose Gold and Intense Pink Diamonds but something like that will look ridiculous on me after several decades
  7. - 30 cm Rouge Vif glazed Croc Birkin with diamonds!!
    (Might as well go all the way if I can only have one!)
  8. 35cm Graphite Shiny Croc Niloticus Birkin with PH. As for why, it's lux, timeless, heirloom-worthy, and the size, color, and hardware work well for me. :love:
  9. this is my dream bag too!!!
  10. It is very interesting that some of you are picking dream bags that you really couldn't use on a daily basis, at least not unless you had the bodyguard and the limo. I guess you will be wearing your 6 inch Manolos or Louboutins with it:P :P
  11. Ack I can't choose one lol!! Well...one kelly, one birkin, and one plume....the kelly for the timeless and ladylike qualities; the birkin for style and ease of use; and the plume for overall shape with secure zip; leathers ostrich/chevre/chamonix;
  12. Kelly Vert Jasmin Croc.
  14. I know baby rose porosus croc exists, it's this really really pretty pale pink color (not beige rose though) ... It's very hard to get so I don't know if it'll happen - just dreaming for the time being:love:
  15. Black Croc 30 Cm Birkin Or Rouge Croc 30 Cm. Can't Decide!