If you could choose one...

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  1. ...would you get Galliera PM or Alma Vernis PM? (Planning for my shopping trip, yay!:yahoo: )
  2. Alma vernis
  3. Another vote for alma
  4. Alma vernis for me too!
  5. What do you have in your collection already?
    They're totally different in my opinion.
    I would go for Vernis Alma out of the two :smile:
  6. Yes, they are very different - I just want them both very badly. :smile:

    I have a NF GM in DE, a white Kusama Speedy 30 and a Murakami Panda Pochette. I'm definitely getting a Speedy B when I go to the boutique but I might be able to get one other bag, as well, and it's between Galliera and Alma (both are on my must buy list).
  7. What color Alma are you looking at?
  8. Yes, I think it depends on the color of the Alma and what else you have in your collection
  9. Alma Vernis :smile:
  10. Galliera
  11. I would say Alma Vernis...what size are you after? They are supposed to be coming out with a medium size in November, so there'll be 3 sizes available by then. Not sure if that influences your decision.
  12. Vernis Alma ~ but if you can wait till the new year they will have a new size, as mentioned by scaredycat, and also new colours!!
  13. Alma vernis
  14. galliera
  15. Vernis alma!