If you could choose one New York store....

  1. .....to visit for Balenciaga, for our trip the week before Xmas (for my birthday), which is the best?

    We are staying in Manhattan, just a block away from the Empire State Building (I think).

    And any other recommendations for sight seeing are warmly welcome!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. this is a difficult one. i'd say Barneys for the service but balenciaga main store for the variety of choices. actually you should definitely go to the balenciaga main store to get a feel of the "cavern!"
  3. Thanks Pluiee:tup: Will definitely give one of them a go!!
  4. Definitely the store, for the selection and product knowledge. Most of the Barney's SAs know little about the colors and styles, and BALNY probably won't be as busy as Madison Ave. during the holidays.:tup:
  5. Thanks for the advice pp100. I've just got to work out how to lose my partner, so I can go in on my own. He's oblivious to the cost of these bbag beauties!! And I'd prefer it to stay that way;)
  6. Is there a third store besides Barneys and BalNY that has bbags???
  7. I think there is also Neiman Marcus. I was hoping Macy's had them, but I don't think so.:crybaby:
  8. in between bag shopping you might consider going to see
    - the fabulous window displays - they're great
    - the metropolitian museum of art christmas tree
    - and of course rockefeller center
    These may be 'classic' things to do but things I enjoy every year:yes:
  9. Does Bergdorf's carry Balenciaga's?
  10. nope, i wish they did though!
  11. Thanks amcf58 for your suggestions....had seen the rockefeller website and thought that would be a good place to go:tup: Will definitely be checking out the fab Xmas displays:yes:
  12. Are there any good consignment stores in New York City that have bbags often?
  13. Definitely go to the store, until I left home, that place used to be my hangout spot:p The interior design is super cool, and besides, you can't beat the flagship.

    Otherwise, try either Barney's or Jefferey's.
  14. There is not a NM in the City. The closest one to NYC is in Short Hills. Barneys might be more crowded, but, at least they have alot on display so you don't have to ask for every little thing and then you get to see things you wouldn't have thought to ask for. Other ideas? Chelsea Market on 9th Ave between 15th and 16th - Love that place!! Where else can you buy a cake that looks like a LV suitcase? Emeril is filmed there too, so, you may want to try to get tickets now. Have fun, there are TONS of things to see and do!!
  15. oooh thanks for this informative thread!!! :smile: heading to ny at the end of nov and can't wait to see the new stock in store!!! :smile: