If you could choose, Favorite MM in Mono or DE?

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  1. If you had the option to choose from the two, which canvas would you choose from the Favorite MM in Monogram or DE? As much as I love the Mono, once it patina’s with use and fall/winter comes, would I still have to be very careful with using it in the rain? I can’t seem to decide between the two and I’m starting to see that DE pops up more than the Mono.

    Ladies, help! Lol. Thanks for any responses.
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  2. Oooou this is a tough one lol hmm I would pick the damier ebene personally I really love the brown strap and how care free I hear DE is!!
  3. I love them both but I just got one in DE and I think it's going to be perfect because it's so carefree for any situaiton. Really--you couldn't go wrong with either one!
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  4. If you can purchase a mono strap I would say mono- mine attached ❤️ Love it and carefree

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  5. I've had my favorite since release in 2012 and only recently changed my strap after the leather finally split at the ends. My old strap had a rich honey (not dark) and soft satin shine patina to it. I never sprayed it. I don't know at what point it became impervious to rain, but for the last two years, I was able to take it out in downpours and have 0 water stains. I've never taken my favorite into a blizzard, but I don't recall problems with snow either. My strap was pretty much immaculate, save for that split leather.

    I sprayed my new strap though. While I haven't taken it out in the rain yet, my other sprayed items have been fine in the rain.
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  6. Love that Favorite with the Mono strap!!
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  7. I also got the mono strap for my Favorite mono. It‘s the best choice and it‘s carefree now :smile: and it looks beautiful imo
  8. I love the mono one. If you purchase a mono strap or other lovely lv straps, you can use it carefree and personalize your bag.
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  9. I would love the monogram one but it’s proving very hard to track down x
  10. My thought exactly!
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  11. Very tough choice... I think I would choose the DE, because I adore the red interior!!!
  12. Mono :smile: I wouldn’t worry about the strap. The strap on my Eva (same leather) has seen literally every weather type for over a decade & is just fine.
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  13. I love my Eva in mono. There is so little vachetta on the favorite and Eva that I don’t think it’s a problem. But I do love how DeeCags03 add a mono strap if the vachetta bothers you!
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  14. 100% DE.
    Absolute love mine and I don’t have to worry what the weather is doing .
    Also I didn’t want to have to buy an extra strap(the mono strap) just to make it work better for me.
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    I originally bought this bag in DE (my favorite pattern). :heart: I love it so much. I prefer it over the mono.

    However, I also purchased this bag in mono and bought the monogram strap which I use for this bag also with the mono PA and TP26 :biggrin:

    I see both the DE and DA patterns have been becoming available quite frequently. I would go for it (DE pattern).
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