If you could choose any chloe?

  1. Ok guys I'm fairly new to chloe and have the opportunity to get any chloe bag as a gift:yahoo:!

    The only chloes I currently have are a black silverado messenger and a tan (muscade?) silverado square tote. As some of you know I've been trying to hunt down a paddy shopper tote (which I still want so if you see one at a great price please pm me:tup:) but i'm thinking with this opportunity I should get something that's current!

    So what would you choose if you were me???:confused1:
  2. The gold paddy satchel!
  3. another vote for argent paddy! :smile:
  4. invenio, I was going to send you the link to this.

  5. Argent paddy!!
  6. Definitely get a paddy - essential for any Chloe collection :smile:
  7. Ok i'm pretty sure the consensus is a paddy. Which is what I was thinking too :okay:

    I like the argent as some of you suggested. My question is if the argent is an "every day" or "special occasion/going out" color? Those of you that have it when do you use it?
  8. I think it's the perfect color that can be used day or night. If I had an argent paddy, I would let her sleep next to me....awww

    it depends on your personal style.
  9. totally agree.... argent paddy as far as what is available out there. I definitely think you can rock this bag day or night but I guess it depends on your style.

    Paddy is classic so you really can't go wrong no matter the color.
  10. Totally agree!
  11. Why does everyone want the Argent now? Arggghhh! I want one too! ROTFLOL!!!
  12. I definately vote for the argent paddy too!
  13. Do you think if we all buy from NM or Chloe, they will give us a "volume" discount??hehehe!!:idea:
  14. I decided to get the mini paddy in the dark brown color! I didn't see the argent but fell in love with the one I got. Will post pics soon.

    Thanks everyone!:yahoo: