If you could choose a leopard

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  1. shoe as a classic staple...what would you choose?

    ballet flats/loafers

    I need to figure out which would be more versatile as far as casual/dressy wear and which could be worn all year round. TIA
  2. Pumps. I have a pair of D&G peep-toe leopard haircalf pumps (about a 3" heel) that I bought at the big Saks sale, and I have already worn them to death.

    Probably depends on your lifestyle, though. I currently wear heels 5 days/week most weeks. However, when I was a student (or if I had a super casual job), I'd have said flats.
  3. I vote pumps also. Leopard is a bit sassy, and heels go with the sassiness better than flats, IMO.
  4. I've been trying to find a pair of leopard flats. I wear flats more than heels though, so I agree that it really depends on your lifestyle.
  5. Ballet flats, I don't like other shoes with that print except Ballet flats.
  6. i just had this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. she said flats because it makes them a little more casual. personally i think heels. i have a pair of pony hair leopard cl heels coming today that i'm so excited about! i plan to wear them more casually. not sure if i can pull them off for work (they have a red heel).
  7. both are great -- depends on what you would wear more. i have leopard in several heights.
  8. see this is what i thought...when i see flats i go "oh those are too cute & funky...but when i see a pump i go "damn those are HOT!" also i could wear pumps with jeans/pants/dresses/skirts...whereas i'm not sure how to pull off leopard flats with anything other than jeans/pants
  9. i got my leopard heels tonight (see my new avatar). i am a total leopard convert! i love them! might have to get flats too. soooo cute!
  10. Slingbacks for me! ; )
  11. I have some Coach leopard print flats with red trim and they are gorgeous. On those days I feel kind of blah, I slip those on and they add instant appeal to my outfit especially with jeans and a black top. I love them in heels but there are a lot of heels out there that can make you feel sexy and hot and special but it is sometimes very hard to find flats to make you feel that same way, sexy and confident to be wearing something so 'outrageous' while in your everyday running around wear.
  12. I once had a pair of Zara leopard ballerina flats and I'd never received more compliments on a shoe than on these! I wore them for casual occassions aswell as dressy ones. So my vote goes to flats! :tup:

  13. OMG!!! i DO see them :yahoo: lol...i did a double take before i read this post lmao.
    Freakin gorgeous!!!
  14. Hmmm....i was all set for pumps...until i read this lmao. i never thought of it like that. Back to square one lol
  15. hmmm, i'm a huge leopard fan....as much i love a leopard flat, nothing is funkier than a leopard pump. it spices up a bland outfit, sets you apart from the black shoe wearing crowd, and in my opinion is timeless.

    i absolutely adore my cl pigalle leopard patent print pumps!