If You could choose a Designer to Design The Perfect Bag For You, Who Would It Be ?

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  1. Mine would be The most Gracious CoCo Chanel.
  2. Fendi
    and if they were busy then.. Mulberry!! :love:
  3. I believe my designer would be Louis Vuitton. I would pick him just because if the quality of his bags and their durabilty through time.
  4. Phoebe Philo - i love basically everything she does to some degree.
  5. Karl Lagerfield for the house of Chanel
  6. John Galliano!!!
  7. Defiantly Jimmy Choo....

  8. Louis Vuitton. Something out of black alligator, tan ostrich, or natural cowhide. ^_^
  9. Vuitton or Marc Jacobs
  10. me too :amuse:
  11. I'm going to say Derek Lam. He's relatively new as far as name recognition but his designs are timeless.
  12. i'm with you!
  13. Marc Jacobs. :heart: or Chloe.
  14. Fendi or Burberry.
  15. I second that :biggrin: