If you could CHANGE YOUR NAME, what would it be??

  1. Okay so if you were able to change your name, would you and if so, what would your new name be??

    My name is Tracy and I def would change it for sure. I am so sick of telling people over the phone what my name is and they say "Stacy??". UGH! Even my pedicure lady who has been doing my nails for 2 years calls me Stacy!!

    Ok so my new name would be
    Autumn. :love:
  2. I like my name! Not a lot of people have it, I think! lol! I wouldn't change it!
  3. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?? :smile:
  4. Ugh, I totally understand. I am so sick of people spelling my name with two Ls, or asking me if my name is Vivian. I would probably change it to Layla or Madison (my favourite girl names).
  5. I would change mine to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!
  6. When I moved to US, my mom picked an American name from the telephone book. Susie was the name she picked. That's how I became Susie 33 years ago.Do I like my name? I don't know. I guess it's a very harmless genetic name. It's not that I love my name,but I can't think of a replacement name.
  7. I like my too, no change for me.
  8. :roflmfao:
    I love Friends!!

    Anyway I think I'd change it to Lindsay (I had an imaginary friend named Lindsay when I was little lol) or maybe Christie or Kayla
  9. My name is karma and i'm tired of ppl asking me "But, is it like karma karma?" ...it's tibetan, yes, it's like "karma, karma"...and my favorite one is "have YOu ever heard of the concept of karma?" hmm...no, would you please enlighten me? :smile: haha...sometimes, it's not so bad...but other times, i just wanna be un-noticed and be a plain simple Jane.

    But honestly, if i changed it, i would still keep it tibetan...but probably not go for Dicky (another common tibetan name) probably .... Serra or Tara.
    Serra is the name of a very important tibetan monastery and Tara means star...actually so does Karma...

  11. Olimpia. A lot of people say it's a pretty name, and it's unsual! lol! I love it!
  12. I grew up hating my unusual name (not Kristy) but now I love it. But, when I was little and wanted to blend in, I wanted one of the more common names that were popular for early '70s babies: Melissa, Jennifer, Amanda, Carrie, Stacy, Kristin, Jessica....I would've died for any of those!
  13. I would be Athena. :smile:
  14. I like my name:smile:
  15. Same here :yes: