If you could change something about yourself, what would it be & why?HONEST:)


did you smile today?
Jul 16, 2008
on the inside I really like to be tougher , I am very emotional!!! I cry for almost everything , any small sad thing would make me cry !! I really HATE THAT !! but cant stop it , or change it.
that day I was at the super market ,and there was a lady ahead of me on the checkout line ,and she was carrying her baby with not much cloths and was cold outside, I couldn't hold my tears .I KNOW I SOUND STUPID , but I cant help it. she didn't look poor but I think she didn't give her baby that care they need when they infants. sometimes I get embarrassed of crying in front of ppl suddenly mainly strangers " because my family know and they wont even ask me why are you crying , because they know its gonna be a stupid thing as usual"

I am not a depressed person at all , very outgoing and happy in life , but very emotional , specially when it comes to kids.
on the out side , I would like a smaller booty :biggrin::biggrin::P


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May 11, 2009
Hmm.... I wish this stupid little patch of vesicular eczema on the ball of my foot would go away forever! It hurts to wear my beautiful shoes when it's there!!! :biggrin:

I would like to be more patient too...


Mar 30, 2009
Bay Area
I wish the blood clot on my ass would go away. It makes an unsightly bump, an even though I'm the only one that can see it, I wish it could be smooth before I fell on the staircase. :sad:


feels like pigsomnia
Definitely, maintaining better composure in embarrassing situations. Normally I try to react reasonably and thoughtfully to life's little speed bumps, but when I feel personally embarrassed, I must admit little piggies have a tendency to panic, thus:

Of course, this normally leads to less-than-ideal behaviour, thus prompting further embarrassment! Alas! "\(*(oo)*)/"

It's slow going at times, but I think I'm improving and learning to join in the laughter, even if it's directed at me . . . because TBH, my friends know I hate being laughed at, so if they're laughing anyway, it must be incredibly hilarious, so they can't help themselves (^(oo)^)v


Jun 18, 2010
Physically - bigger boobs

Personality-wise I need to be more of a go-getter. I'm too laid back. I always get the "you have so much potential, you just need to apply yourself" line.

I procrastinate ALOT.​
Apr 14, 2008
Physically- My ears, I hate them

Character wise- I wish I was more patient, less critical, and that I could stop over thinking things all the time.


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Mar 16, 2010
St.Louis, MO
Well, physically I would like to change my nose. It's not huge or totally ugly but a little improvement wouldn't hurt. My legs could be more skinny and I wished my skin was always clear so I wouldn't have to wear so much make up.

Also, I feel like I should be more open and outgoing (I can be socially awkward sometimes and way too shy around ppl I don't know). Oh and I'm too pessimistic.


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
Physically, I wish I had better eyesight(one eye is legally blind) and hearing--they both have been bad as long as I can remember and the poor hearing makes for awkward social interactions.

I'd love to be more extroverted, but my natural personality is to be serious and quiet. (looking at my post count, obviously I have no hesitation in posting what I think!)


Oct 9, 2008
Internally - Id like to be able to project myself as more intellectual and stand up for myself when people "label" me as a bimbo. Im fairly petite and have large breasts, Im also typically outgoing and free spirited. People tend to assume that I am just an airheaded bimbo. My close friends know that Im fairly intelligent and am currently an honor student in college, I volunteer, I donate, I enjoy the arts and learning. I prefer documentaries and news to sitcoms. Some people just can't get past the fancy bags, expensive shoes and big boobs. :shrugs: I know it may not sound like a problem, but I get made fun of a lot and I just let myself because I dont confront them or go out of my way to be more "smart".

Physically - I wish my upper arms were much smaller.


Orange Lotus FTW
Jun 17, 2007
Physically, I would love to be at least 4 inches taller...being 5'4" would be so nice.

Internally, I wish I wouldn't stress so much. None of this work s**t is going to matter in 5 years or even by next year.


Sep 28, 2010
Fly Over Country
I wish I would say "no". I do things for people I really don't want to do. Spent a couple of hours altering skirts for a friend and she is not a close friend! I don't enjoy sewing that much anymore.