If you could change one thing...

  1. Thinking about your current H collection...to include bags, accessories, scarves, etc... If you could make one change to a particular item... What would you change and how?

    Would you...
    Change a handbag color, leather, HW?
    Change a colorway?
    Change a size?
  2. I would change my 32 black box Kelly to a 28, because through trial and error, I have found out the 28 is the size that suits me best.
  3. Oh SUCH a timely thread for Shopmom!!!!!!! Let me give this some thought.....
  4. Oh, and I'd change one of my bags into a porosus croc vert jasmin Kelly 28.
  5. I've been very selective (comes with age), so no, no changes for me.
  6. Well, if I could change things, ALL of my SO's would have arrived by now.
  7. congrats on 5001 posts, HG!
  8. but then what would you do?
  9. Thanks! I'm trying to catch up with Shopmom!
  10. ^^^^ yikes, I just noticed that I have hit 5000 too :wtf:
  11. i'd add a bag, but i wouldn't change what i do have.

    great question!
  12. I think I'd change my 35cm Vert Anis into a 30cm; I love this color and think I'd carry it more often if it were a 30cm.
  13. I have also learned that I prefer the 28 or 35 cm Kelly bags...
  14. I would not make any bag changes...

    I would morph a scarf into a small accessory or bracelet...
  15. And I think I'd change by 32 black box Kelly to a 35 retourne!

    But even though all this wishing is fun, I do still just love what I already have.