If you could change one part of your body

  1. what would it be?:huh:
  2. My lower abdominals. They will never be completely flat, no matter what I do.
  3. oh my!

    i think my boobs. everything else i dislike could be changed if i got my off my bum and moved once in a while but my boobs would always be saggy...heck, if i excersized they'd be saggier! i want a breast lift baaaaadly. i'd have done it already, but i don't want to have to do it again in 5-7 years when i'm done having babies/breast feeding. so i just wear good bras and deal. :\

    someday i will have cute boobies to match the rest of cute me. heheh. :smile:
  4. My 'love handles'. That is the area where I collect my weight... I HATE it!!
  5. oki, two things.. my stomach, i want it to be flat, then my eyes, i have ruined it and i want my 20/20 eyesight back...
  6. My stomach!!! :yucky:
  7. longer legs, toner thighs & triceps
  8. first of all, i love the way i look.:shame: but i think it'll be nice to have bigger boobs... a little, not too much thou.:love:
    Also, may be longer legs
  9. Ditto on the waistline. I think part of the problem is that my torso is too short for how tall I am. I'm 5'8" and I have to wear petites for tops and long for bottoms. Oh well....
  10. stomach for sure (all around and lower abs!) :yes:
  11. My calves. They are too skinny. And A-line skirts accentuate my chicken-legs even more. I can only wear slim, pencil skirts or long skirts. I need to find some way to build up muscle. I tried every excercise there is but I never saw much difference so I gave up.:sad:
  12. god there's so many things. i guess if i had to choose one - my stomach for sure. it's always disproportionately large, it's a freak.
  13. longer legs..
  14. omg...we have a same problem...i hate my calves too..theyre too thin! My other sisters, they all have a nice legs, not chicken leg.:Push:
  15. I have to agree with you on the eye sight. I have a stigmatism and wear contacts, but at the same time I am very active and would love to have great eye sight with no glasses or contacts. I guess there is always the lazer surgery option. But I am very nervous about the thought of having my eyeballs lazered...:blink: