If you could buy one bag right now..

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  1. I thought this would be fun:

    If you could only buy one bag right now,money is no object, what would it be?

    me a large signature carly in khaki/gold:love:
  2. Black Signature Mandy (or the coveted geranium sachel)

    fun thread!!!
  3. Whiskey Ali, Large sig carly in black, or geranium satchel. I know that's more than one, I can't help it!!

    Hey, 700th post! :smile:
  4. Legacy satchel - khaki.
  5. If this were possible: Signature Mandy with Saddle trim
  6. Does it have to be something currently available or can we create our perfect bag?:P
  7. ^^^ rules, shmules! :lol:
  8. I'm with graberg- khaki legacy satchel.
  9. Right now I am think I could go for a pond Legacy satchel. IF I could create the bag I want I am thinking a Legacy satchel in a deep shade of plum or hunter green. :yes:
  10. Hamptons Stripe Satchel in Mahogany + me = :heart:
  11. mmmmm.......I think maybe a legacy pond shoulder.
  12. Mandy in khaki/ebony
  13. I want the $4000 gold carly even though i've yet to see a pic....:nuts:
  14. I think the red patent ergo hobo because if money was no object I would own more bags that didn't match anything I normally wear.
  15. Large Carly denim patchwork!