If you could buy any bag you wanted,

  1. no matter the price, which one would you get?

    I've been lusting after this forever but haven't been able to shell out $348. I'm hoping it goes on sale somewhere after Christmas... I might sell a few other bags to buy it.
  2. nothing from coach, what I want from coach doesnt matter the price, but the availabilty.. I'm craving black signature lurex wristlet, and optic lurex pleated wristlet and coin purse..
  3. I adore the Mandy Suede Courier in the brass/plum combination (I don't know if it comes in any other colors, but even if it did, I love that combination). But that is just too high for me to go for a handbag this season.

    I'm sure everyone knows what it looks like, but here's the link anyway:

  4. That's gorgeous, HM!
  5. Do you have an outlet by you? Those were on sale there ... $199 for the small, $229 for the big and 20% off!

    I would probably buy this bag from coach. Mmmm. :drool:

  6. I have never seen that bag in red. I love it! :shame: I am going to have to make the trip to the outlet nearest me. I had that bag in pink and the shape was awesome.
  7. Really?? I don't have one near me... there's one about 2 hours away. I should call and see if they have it... I may have to take a trip out there. I've never been to an outlet!
  8. coach-wise, it would have to be something obscenely expensive. hehe. make it worth my while...
    but something legacy would be nice.

    (non-coach, gimme a birkin!)
  9. or the satchel.. in whiskey... :smile:
  10. The legacy in red pebbled leather was a Hawaii thing only. Do a search on ebay for Coach & sort by price. There are 2 listed in the $800's... I have them in my watch list. They were already listed once and the price was lowered.
  11. ooh! can you link me? I can't find them and would love to see them.

  12. Coach- I would love to get one of the legacy bags but i have been spending too much recently

    I really want a Louis Vuitton Damier....or Balenciaga.
  13. what's written on the hangtag?
  14. I would like to have a Legacy satchel. The white is lovely, but I'd probably have to go for the black for practicality's sake.