If you could buy a members H bag......

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  1. I was looking at pictures of members Hermes bags and I thought if that was on the Hermes shelf, I would buy it without hesitation.

    If I saw -

    Mistikats Raisin Birkin
    Sylvie 's Havanne Birkin

    I am sure there are more, but these are the ones that came to mind :drool:

    So, what bag do our Purse Forum members own that you would buy without a moments thought?
  2. Also

    Ozzymom Rouge H birkin :drool:
  3. Lol Sammyjoe it's a bit early in the mornin for this isn't it??? For me it would always be the pic of roxrocks Violine Ostrich 30 Birkin with G/H that made me want to throw all my bags out of the window just to acquire THAT ONE!
  4. Lol, Syma, it is early, I was just thinking, it helps me remember why I like the brand :yes:
  5. Well, it's late here. The bag I lust for is owned by 2 members.

    Star and Trancendseant1 (spelling?)

    Braise croc Kelly.
  6. I would love Gina's Ficelle lizzie birkin.... DiamondS' barenia birkin (or one of them!).. and LQYB's bleu brighton croc KP!
  7. This is fun..
    MrsS's Rose Shocking Birkin
    DiamondS's Barenia Birkin
    Ozzysmom's Rouge H Birkin
  8. DiamondS or beaumonde's or kipp's barenia 35 Birkin
    Monkey's roi croc Kelly
    I remember someone has a vert olive barenia 40 Birkin

    And all the money to buy them! LOL.
  9. ^^^^ Perigord has the olive?

    For me it would be KallieGirls box raisin birkin.
  10. this is easy.

    DiamondS's 40 cm barenia-toile HAC

    in fact, I told her that I have my dibs on it, in case she wants to sell it in the fewchr.

    Another is Specialistparis's marron fonce box Plume document carrier.
  11. ILML has the bag of my dreams- rouge H matte croc 30 PHW. Also Accessorize*me has the most gorgeous etoupe birkin with fuchsia lining!
  12. SOOOOO many I would love to have!!!

    But, if I could just buy one, it would be gga's gorgeous questche beauty.

    (And I miss her! Come baaaaack gga!)
  13. pazt's 35 black chevre birkin with ph
    djsmom's 35 black vl birkin with ph

    both are gorgeous!!
  14. There are a few. HermesMonkey's ostrich, Milliesmom, toille and black croc or is it a gator? the matte one and her ostrich.

    but if only ONE, then the ostrich
  15. Angels tri colour Ostrich Birkin