If you could buy a bag,wallet,and accessory. What would you choose?

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  1. I made a thread last year asking what would be a good piece from LV for your first purchase. I got a lot of feedback and I appreciate that.

    I was wondering for all you LV collectors if you could have one bag,wallet, and accessory which would it be?

    For example:

    Bag: speedy
    Wallet: zippy
    Accessory: cles/key pouch

    I'm still debating on what to get for my first purchase so I figured I would start this to see what people thought.

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm still new to the purse forum.
  2. Do you prefer hand held or Shoulder bag?

    Go get the Speedy B in 30 or 35 DE you can handheld or cross body :smile:

    And matching Emilie wallet DE

    & a mini Pochette in DE also :smile:

  3. Thanks for responding! I love the DE print and I love your suggestions. I really don't know what I like. I only have for right now cross body's and one handheld bag. It really doesn't matter for me because it seems like I need every option in a collection lol.
  4. Neverfull, Sarah wallet, and a cles :smile:
  5. I suggest get the speedy b DE.. DE Its less maintenance compare to the other print :smile:

    Apparently they will have another price increase.. So grab one before the increase :smile:
  6. Bag- DE Neverfull MM
    Wallet- Sarah
    Accessory- 6 Key holder

    If I could only have 3 LV items, these would be it, hands down!
  7. Speedy B DE 30
    DE Cles
    Zippy DE

    I could survive with just these 3.... I think.
  8. Bag: Speedy B in Monogram Empreinte
    Wallet: Zippy in Epi
    Accessory: Pochette Accesoires in Epi
  9. Bag: Empreinte 30 infini
    Wallet: Indian rose vernis
    Accessory : Mini pochette
  10. NFmin Mono
    Zippy Wallet in Mono
    Cles in Mono
  11. Bag: Empreinte Speedy 25 in Infini
    Wallet: Empreinte Zippy in Infini
    Accessory: Empreinte Cosmetic Pouch in Aube
  12. Bag: mono Speedy
    Wallet: vernis Sarah
    Accessory: vernis cles
  13. bag: soffi or evora
    wallet: emp secret wallet
    accessory: charm and or scarf
  14. Bag: speedy b

    Wallet: Insolite

    Accessory: Cles or mini pochette
  15. Speedy 25 empreinte infini.
    Zippy empreinte orient.
    Cosmetic pouch DE.