If you could bring only one BV on a business trip,


Oct 5, 2007
I think a montaigne would suit all those needs.....do you have one? I think it has a professional look to it, perfect for meetings. Opened, it's more casual and makes a great tote for shopping. It can be hand or shoulder carried which helps when traveling. I think I just talked myself into needing one....lol


Oct 21, 2007
LOL. When I read the heading I was actually going to suggest a Bella... then I see all the Montaigne love and feel like I am a horrible traitor! I agree that the Montaigne is perfect for everything, obviously, but just thought that something that is a bit better over the shoulder (like the Bella) might be a bit more convenient when being shlepped onto the plane and all.

As for colour, I wouldn't have a problem with the Carmino in terms of professionalism (I think it is a nice pop of colour but still not over the top) but I would worry that it might get damaged on the plane or being set down in not-so-perfect places, which is why I tend to travel with darker colours. Ink sounds pretty perfect for all of that, BTW...


Dec 19, 2008
^^ I second the Cabat... medium to be precise.

I do a lot of international business travel and tend to bring my medium PO cabat... mainly for it's size and the fact that I can easily slip my 12" laptop inside on top of all my junk. It's good to only have one bag when you're running through airports to catch your flight. Plus PO can go with almost anything so I really don't have to think about matching issues.

I think it also depends on what kind of industry you work for or the type of business trip you are referring to. I work for the IT industry so my laptop is attached to my hip. BTW, I have a Montaigne too and I use it to work when I'm not traveling. I then carry my laptop on a neoprene sleeve. It's not so bad because I'm just in and out of the car.

Do you have to carry a laptop with you? Do you mind carryng separate bags for your laptop and purse? If no, then all the suggestions given by the ladies above are fine as well.
Mar 28, 2009
I think the new milano would be a great choice
it is structured and it looks very proffessional almost briefcase like
it is not as heavy as the roma (not as much hardware)
it is also roomy and has two compartments
you could put files in it if you were going to a meeting
or how bout just a nice BV briefcase
when I carried a briefcase I never carried a purse
I didn't want to be burdened with 2 things
I put my wallet and everything in the zip part of the briefcase