If you could bring back any MJ from seasons past, which one would you want?

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  1. i would love the hudson and trish to come back. i'm kicking myself for not getting the chili trish. stupid kim! i also wouldn't mind the new stella in more colors and gold toned hardware.
  2. Oooh, fun question! I loved the bright blue blake a couple of seasons ago and still regret not buying it. Would love to see that color again.
  3. The Maggie, but much less expensive (so I could actually buy it!).
  4. I agree with tadpolenyc on the hudson and trish. I just bought a chili hudson 2 months ago full price (eeek) but it's totally worth it. I really want a trish now but don't want to pay full price :nogood:
  5. Oooo...I have to say the Ursula Quilted Elise in Midnight!:love:
  6. Mmmm...I would bring back several styles. The Stella, the Ursula line espcially the Midnight color like devinesgirl said, the Perforated Brigitte.

    BTW, we need to add all of those fabulous celeb pics to the celeb thread. There are some real classics on that page. Great link mslgrrl!!
  7. anything in the ursula patent goatskin, and the original stam icey leather!
  8. The anouk!
  9. The pocket satchel in any color
    Burgundy suede lining
    Zoe bags
    Tumbled calf leather classic bags(blake, venetia in orchid, lt petrol)
  10. Oh my. I'm not very exciting.


    I would murder for a teal, marigold, or red Lola with the umbrella intact. Murder. :girlsigh:
  11. Id love the Stam in that navy blueish color.. that looked like the Fendi Spy bags in Petrol!
  12. A red Stella!!!
  13. It's so funny that you posted this - I just saw that bag that Faith Hill is carrying ending on eBay (no bids/winner)

    There are quite a few styles I'd like to see again - Definitely the Stella w/brass buckles (but it would have to be the soft leather of the first season - not that stiffer leather used on the Ltd Ed styles from a few years ago!) - The Zoe (both the smaller style and the larger Hobo style) - the Padlock Hobo and Zip Top Hobo w/brass turnlock pocket (both from 2002) - and the Scarlet Washed Leather bag

    Even though I really like his more recent bags, nothing compares to his original styles!

    p.s. thanks mslgrrl - that's mine!
  14. ack don't murder me...hehe. I have the teal, dusty plum, cream lola w/ umbrella. eeks!