If you could be remembered for three things after you die, what would they be?

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  1. I could not find a similar thread, so here it goes. I though the title more fitting than "What would you like as an inscription on your headstone?" :amuse:
    Let me start with my DS' amusing response (mine would be the usual - great wife, great mom, great friend):

    ‎1. Flirtation as smooth and painless as a man trying to serve you coffee with his eyes crossed while standing on his head.
    2. Eating ice cream with a knife and fork, a fitting metaphor for my life.
    3. Bad haircut.
  2. supportive wife, sarcastic as he**,amazing mother
  3. Great mind with equally great heart :smile:
  4. style, class and joie de vivre

    all in one convenient, travel-sized piggy package (^(oo)^)v