1. Hey ladies and gentz. So, if you could be a purse, ANY purse..what would you be, and why? How does it reflect your personality?
  2. o im the first one to reply!

    Ok i would be a fendi spy bag.. the hologram one. cuz im big and diverse and i go with everything!!! hahah
  3. umm....I would be ...... a coach weekend scribble tote because i'm loud :yahoo: bright, i like ppl to know who/what i am, and i am affordable yet desirable!!! :heart: :P
  4. Chanel lambskin flap, understated and elegant (ideally). I'd probably really be something like a Louis Vuitton pochette, everyone's got one !
  5. an Hermes kelly with ruthenium hardware ...... a classic lady with an edge.
  6. I would be a LV speedy. I can go anywhere and fit in everywhere!
  7. I would definatly be this bag:

    L'Inoubliable (The unforgetable) (well, I would try anyway :lol: )
  8. I would be LV Mizi Vienna!:nuts::love:
  9. Moka epi pochette.

    Small, yet tough and not flashy.
  10. i would be a balenciga. colourful and versatile, undertoned.. i hate being too loud (not in voice term, i can be very loud among friends :P )
  11. I think I would be a LV alma: classy, versatile, with great curves :graucho:
  12. I'd be LV Epi Speedy in black. Not loud, tough, and I always wear black (well, most of the time)!
  13. 2003_le_divorce_007.jpg
  14. Blue Jean Birkin Hermes: Classy, elegant, a bit casual, and just a little trendy.
  15. Dior Gambler, I play poker for a living